"She will never survive out there, Justin, she's going to die by a wild beast!" My mate said. "I'm teaching her the best I can! it's not my fault!" I replied. She shook her head. "I will show you, she will die out there, torn apart by a wild beast, or probably even kidnapped!" My mate said. I growled. "She won't die! shes just a pup!" I said. My mate remained silent. "You'll see." She repeated. She gathered our pups and she left the den we lived in. I stared at her while she vanished in the distance. I sighed. I then heard a cough behind me. I turned around and I saw one of my favorite daughters, Alice. She was still a week old but she was coughing because it was cold. I went over to her and covered her with my chest, but I allowed her head to poke out so she won't be smothered. "It's okay, I'll take care of you." I promised.

The Alpha Howl library presents...


Chapter 1:

Hunting lessons

I woke up, I felt the warm embrace of my daughter, Alice. She was a year old now, still a little small for her age but she had a loving spirit. She was still snoring silently so I waited for her to wake up. Alice had a light gray pelt and blue eyes. I had a dark grey pelt with blue eyes as well. After 5 minutes, she woke up and chuckled. "Morning, dad." She said, brushing her cheek against my left one. "Morning, sweety." I replied, brushing her cheek back. We did this for several seconds and then she got up. I stretched before getting up. We both headed out to see our village. Our tribe was healthy and peaceful. We never had any enemies, neither encountered any humans. And most importantly, Alice never asked about her mother. Our chieftan, Miles, went over to us. Miles was a female wolf, orange pelt with green eyes. "Justin, Alice, I see you both had a good rest." Miles said. I nodded. "I enjoyed it." I said. Miles shook his head. "I need you two on a mission, it's a simple task, really, but I just need you to hunt down some caribou, not far from here." Miles said. "Eh, okay, we've hunted caribou plenty of times, shouldn't be a problem now." I said, shrugging. "Good, now get going." Miles said. We both nodded and went on our hunt.

Me and Alice crouched while in the bushes. We spotted an elk that was eatiing and was completely vulnerable to us. Me and Alice got close enough to strike and it didn't see us, or hear us. Alice then leaped on the elk's back and bit his neck. I leaped at it's foot and chomped it's front right leg. He started braying with pain but I chomped another leg to cut off his escape. Blood surged through the air while Alice was chewing his neck. The elk was running in circles but he gived and collapsed to the ground. Me and Alice both stared at his eyes. And I could see the light in his eyes dim... and soon, grow dark.

We both had a pleasant breakfast and brought some elk meat back. And Miles seemed disappointed. "I thought I told you caribou meat, not elk." She said. "Elk, caribou, deer, gazelle. You name them, mate." Kodi said. Kodi was a male wolf, grey-pelt with blue eyes. He'd look like a female but he is a male. He also has a pretty pink flower hanging on his ear. "Ah, yes, Kodi. Why am I not surprised?" Miles asked. "Please, treat your guests with respect." Kodi said. Kodi was Australian and just so happens to be a trained "artist". "I do, as long as they treat me with respect. You three are wasting my time." Miles said, turning her back towards us. She then marched away towards her only son. Kodi shook his head and walked towards us. "Don't worry about her, she gets a lil' grumpy at times." Kodi said. I laughed. "We got it, Kodi! thanks anyway." I thanked. "Anytime." Kodi said. Kodi then walked back to his house and we only had to put the elk meat in the meat house.

Chapter 2:

Sleeping formation.

It was night already and me and Alice went back to our den, we were the only ones to have a den in our village. Our bed was basically a very comfy caribou pelt, and it was large enough for the two of us to fit in. I fell on our bed on my back and Alice laid besides me. "Good night, dad." Alice said. "Good night, sweety." I said. I kissed her cheek (licked her cheek, you might call it) and went to sleep.

I didn't start dreaming but Alice randomly climbed up on my stomach and lied like that. She was light but I could handle her weight. I could only imagine her weight on her 2nd birthday, which is 7 days away. Her right cheek then touched my right cheek and she was about to sleep but I guess she knew I was awake. "This is the way we slept back when you were a pup." I said. "It is? so thats why it's so familiar." Alice said. I chuckled. "Yep." I replied. She brushed her cheek against my right cheek a little. And we both went asleep like this.

Chapter 3:

Pup plain

"Dad." Alice said, nuzzling my neck. I glanced at her, she was on her belly and facing towards me. "Yes sweety?" I asked. "Dad, can we go to pup plain?" Alice asked. I blinked twice. "Pup... plain?" I asked. "Yeah, don't you remember? we used to-" "I know what pup plain is, Alice." I said, laughing. We both remained silent for a while. "Please, dad?" Alice asked. She nuzzled my neck and I smiled. "Okay." I said. "Thanks, dad." She said. 

Once we both reached pup plain, it was a little west of our village. But pup plain is a beautiful valley, green grass with a luxerious feeling. And many of our tribe's mothers let their pups play on this plain. Me and Alice used to love playing with each other on this plain. And we stopped for several months but I guess she wanted to play on the field, for childhood's sake.

"Well, Alice, this valley is all yours." I said. She smiled at me and crushed the top of her head against my chin. "Thanks, dad." She said. I smiled and she kissed my cheek. I then sat down and watched her play in the valley. 

I saw Alice playing with many pups that I didn't know. And they all seemed to be having lots of fun. I was proud, having fun with other pups was pretty rare. And I didn't see any of hose pups' mothers but the pups didn't seem to worry. I kept hearing Alice laugh and it kinda soothed my heart. Once the sun was at it's highest point, the pups had to leave to their mothers. And Alice soon ran over to me. Once she reached me, she brushed her cheek against mine. "Hey dad, can you play with me?" She asked. I chuckled. "Well... Alice, this is actually your field." Alice then smiled. "You're wrong, dad, it's our field." Alice replied. I laughed. "Okay." I said. And we both had fun together until sunset.

Chapter 4:

Miles hates fun.

Me and Alice went back to the village at night. And Miles was there, staring at us with a frown. "You two have been away for a while." Miles said. "Sorry, Miles, we were just out in pup plain, having fun." Alice replied. I patted Alice's head with my paw. "Yeah, well, you two spent time having fun, rather then time you could've spent working for the tribe." Miles said. I stepped up to Miles and growled. "Miles! give us break, won't you?!" I threatened. Alice came over to me and brushed her cheek against me. Miles shook her head with silence. "You don't scare me, Justin, you have been weak, you were always weak." Miles insulted. "Weak, yes, but stronger then ten of you combined." I said. "Why you little-" "STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU!" Alice cried. Alice got in between us. "We're just tired, is all, I'm sure after a night rest, we can get along." Alice said. Miles laughed. "Your daughter is just like you, Justin, you two are wasting my time." Miles said. Miles then walked away to her house. I growled and we both got back to our den.

Chapter 5:


"Sheesh, Miles just drives me crazy!" I said. I threw myself among the caribou pelt we slept on. Alice came over to me and kissed my cheek. "Calm down, dad." Alice said. Alice then laid down behind me and rested her chin on my neck. And that did soothe me. "Good night, dad." Alice said. "Good night, sweety." I wished.

Chapter 6:

Surprising awake.

I woke up with my eyes closed. I tried to squeeze Alice tight to my body but she wasn't there. I opened my eyes and looked around. And she wasn't around! I went outside.

Once I looked out in pup plain, I saw my lovely daughter in the distance, playing with pups again. I smiled and shook my head at the same time. Alice saw me shortly and ran over to me. And her nose touched my nose when she reached me. "Morning, dad." Alice said. "Good moring, sweetheart." I replied. She backed away a little and sat in front of me. "I suppose we should work for Miles now, yes?" Alice asked. I sighed deeply and put my right paw on her right soft cheek. "Alice, babe, I hate to see you sad." I paused and stared deeply into Alice's beautiful blue eyes. She stared back into mine. I smiled and continued. "How about you take a break from her orders, I'll take today's duty alone." I said. She smiled with glee and quickly brushed her cheek against mine. "Thank you, dad!" She said. I smiled and embraced her soft cheek.

After several minutes of cheek brushing, she finished it off by kissing my cheek, wishing me luck, and I left for my grumpy chief.

Chapter 7:

You have to walk for Miles

"I'm honestly surprised, Justin, you actually come to me, for once." Miles said. "Yeah, well, Alice didn't." I replied. Miles laughed. "You will do, I need you to hunt for some- on second thought, go find some poisonous blue berries." Miles ordered. "Blue berries? why blue berries?" I asked. "Shaman Kenai needs more healing potions." Miles replied. "Fine." I said.

Chapter 8:


I finally found a berry bush, full of blue berries. I started collecting some but I suddenly saw something. A track in the dirt. And it wouldn't have caught my attention but it looked like a familiar track.

I approached the track and examined it. It looked like... devil cat tracks! of course! or was it panther? I didn't really know but I could find out later. I continued picking berries.

Chapter 9:


I walked over to shaman Kenai, Kenai is a very wise shaman. When you're depressed or wounded. You can always trust Kenai to heal you. However, she is very old and requires lots of attention.

Kenai smiled at me. "Hello, Kenai." I greeted. 'Hello, Justin." Kenai greeted back. I had the berries in a pouch wrapped around my neck. I took off the pouch and used my nose to scoot it closed to Kenai. "I heard you needed more healing potions." I said. "Indeed, Miles is very happy about you working for her..." Kenai finished her sentence but it didn't sound as if she really finished what she was about to say. "...But still, I think it's worth the trouble you have to go through with Miles, rather then the fun you could spend with your daughter." Kenai finished. I chuckled. "Kenai, you're well aware that I love my daughter more then the whole world." I said. "Indeed, not the first time I saw someone like you, darling." Kenai said, smiling at me. She put her paw on my shoulder. "But still, love can never be blocked." Kenai said. "Really? Zoey, my mate, didn't love me." I asked. "Thats where you're wrong darling, Zoey always loved you, but she was just frusterated. She needed peace and quiet." Kenai said. I sighed. "I suppose." I muttered. I looked outside but it was dark! "Wow, it's night already?" I asked. "Eh, you have been picking berries for a while." The shaman said. I shook my head. "Good night, Kenai." I wished. "Good night, dear." She wished back while she was making potions. I left her hut.

Once I reached the den. Alice was already sleeping on her right. And her back was curved and she had a warm smile while she snored silently. I laid behind her and wrapped my front legs around her chest, and he hind legs around her stomach, and squeezed her to my body. And fell asleep.

Chapter 10:

Traditional dance.

Once I woke up, I was on my back and Alice was staring into my eyes, her nose touching mine and she was laying down on my stomach. We both stared into each other's eyes for a while. "Good morning, dad." Alice finally said. She then brushed against my right cheek with her right cheek. I brushed back. "Good morning, darling." I said. We did this for a while before Alice lifted her head and stared into my eyes again. "Remember what today is?" Alice asked. I chuckled. "No, but your birthday is five days away." I said. "It is?" Alice asked. I nodded. "I forgot. But that isn't it." Alice said. "Then what is it?" I asked, chuckling a little. "It's the tribe's traditional dance, remember?" Alice asked. I laughed. "I forgot." I confessed. Alice giggled. "Come on, I don't want to miss it." Alice rushed. "Okay, okay." I said. 

Our tribe's "traditional dance" is actually called "rope dancing" in which, multiple wolves (ranged from 2-10) must stand on a large plank about 15-20 feet above ground. They then tie ropes (soft ropes with a very very strong connection) around their bodies and they have to jump off the planks and do all sorts of dances. 

Once we reached the traditional rope dance. It was in pup plain. Many wolves gathered near the rope dance. And just in case the ropes broke, there was a human-made bouncy at the bottom. "Dad, dad, look!" Alice kept poking me with her nose. I then looked at what she was staring at. There was 5 wolves in ropes that started standing on top of each other. "Thats amazing!" Alice exclaimed. Alice started hopping up and down constantly. I smiled and nuzzled her neck, and she stopped hopping. "Hey, dad, how about you and me dance? just the two of us?" Alice asked. I laughed. "Sorry, darling, I'm comfortable with these heights." I replied. Alice smiled and brushed her cheek against mine. "Please, dad?" Alice begged. I smiled. "Okay, okay, let us try rope dancing." I replied. "Thank you, dad." Alice thanked, brushing against my cheek a little more. She kissed my cheek and started brushing against it again. "I love you." Alice whispered. "Love you too, sweety." I said.

Once we climbed to the top of the planks. Kodi was up there. "Oh hey, Kodi!" I greeted. He smiled. "G'day!" Kodi greeted back. "Me and my daughter want to rope dance." I requested. Kodi laughed. "You sure? it's quite dangrous." Kodi asked. "Certain." I replied. Kodi laughed. "Very well, you'll be next." Kodi informed. "Next?" Alice asked. "Yep." Kodi replied. "Loosen the ropes! next group, you're up!" A gray wolf yelled. "Good luck, mates." Kodi wished. "Indeed." I said. A wolf wrapped a rope around my chest and tightened it. "Good luck." The wolf said. "No worries, we'll keep you safe in case anything goes wrong." Kodi said. "Right." I said. I looked around me, there was no one else going to dance with us. Just me and Alice. And I was very nervous. "You ready, babe?" I asked, nuzzling Alice's neck. "I'm fine, dad." She replied. "Alright, you're gonna drop on three!" A wolf ordered. Me and Alice nodded. "One...!" The wolf yelled. "Two...!" "Three! drop now!" Me and Alice jumped off the planks.

Chapter 11:

Dance of love.

Air rushed towards me and my lips peeled back a bit. The rope was longer then I thought but it was pretty long. Suddenly, the air seemed to slow down. I looked up to see that the wolves were doing something. I squinted to see a little closer. Something came out of the rope that seemed to slow my fall. I then felt a breath-taking thud and I glanced towards Alice. She was facing towards me as well. "Do you know how to use these things, Alice?" I asked. She smiled and chuckled. "It's easy, dad." Alice said. Alice then started moving her legs and I didn't expect her to start moving. I then started moving and I got the hang of it.

After about 4 minutes me and Alice skipped to the advanced level and started doing all sorts of crazy stuff. Like Alice would stand on top of my with one paw while I flew or she and I would grab each other's paws and start spinning into a circle until the ropes started tangling. 

After 5 minutes. Me and Alice started spinning in circles until the rope snapped! So did Alice! We both started falling and screaming. "They're falling!" A wolf cried at the bottom. I glanced at Alice and she was screaming really loud. I grabbed her with my right paw and pulled her closer to me and squeezed her tightly to my body.

We both landed safely on the bouncy. And we both bounced pretty high several times. But the last land, I was somehow on te bottom while Alice was on top of me. Alice looked down at me with a smile and then, touched my nose with her nose. "You're one good dancer, dad." Alice said. She kissed my cheek and I smiled. "Thank you, dear." I said. She brushed against my cheek and we both set off to our den to sleep.

Chapter 12:

Mysterious tracks

I woke up, Alice was resting her head on my right shoulder. I rested my right paw on the top of her head, which pushed down her ears but they were soft too. "Love you, dear." I whispered. I kissed Alice's cheek and she sighed deeply with a smile. I didn't want to wake her up so I just waited.

Alice woke up after about 4 minutes. She stretched and yawned and then, nuzzled my nose. "Good morning, dad." Alice said. "Good morning, sweety." I replied. She rested her cheek on my cheek and we relaxed for several minutes. 

We both got out of the den. But then, I noticed soething. Most of the village were gathered in one spot. I started approaching and Alice followed me. "What can it mean? are we in trouble?" A wolf asked. I couldn't make out with what everyone else was saying. But once me and Alice saw the thing that led to the commotion, I could tell what it was. It was a devil cat track, leading from our village to the forest. "I saw a devil cat track yesterday." I reported. Everyone was listening and that caused more commotion. "Whats going on here?" Miles asked, approaching us with her son, Roger. "Paw prints, mam." A wolf replied. Miles looked down at the tracks and back at everyone. "Listen, if there were to be a devil cat daring enough to wonder into our village. Tell me, likewise, this track is probably ancient." Miles said. "But mam, should we send a scout team?" Another wolf asked. "Yes, we should, I guess I'll assemble it later. But if you waste my time here, I swear, I will give away your rations for a week." Miles threatened. "I'm so scared, Miles." I dully replied, rolling my eyes. "Alright, wolves! back to work!" Miles yelled. Everyone scattered except me and Alice. Alice smiled at me and buried her again my cheek, but her muzzle was under my chin. "Do you think we'll be okay, dad?" Alice asked. I chuckled. "Yes, sweety, we're safe." I replied. Even though... I'm not sure if I was right or wrong.

Chapter 13:

Not returning.

Alice was playing with the pups in pup plain again, while I served Miles. I wasn't on the recon team, luckily, but instead, I'm out hunting.

I prowled in the bushed and looked at the deer. And she was alone, oddly. I looked around. No deer around. I jumped onto the deer and bit her neck. She started running slowly because she was weak but I finished her off. Once I jumped off her body, I stared into her eyes until the light had faded from her eyes. I was about to drag her corpse to the village until I caught something at the corner of my eye. I saw the recon team! Four wolves but I couldn't make them out because they were pretty distant, hiding behind trees and were basically black shadows from my distance. I then saw one collapse. I raised an eyebrow but I then saw a devil cat shadow! the devil cat stabbed a wolf and the last 3 wolves fought that devil cat. A snake shadow came into view and my eyes grew. A snake! I haven't seen a snake in years. The snake had an axe and shield and that snake came in from behind the wolves and swung his axe down on a wolf. I didn't see blood spill from the wolf but that snake with the axe lifted the wolf by his axe (the wolf is still on the axe) and the snake slammed his corpse on the ground. I went closer to the devil cat and snake.

The two wolves were already dead but I hid while I took a good look at them. There was a purple devil cat that looked very old and a very buff Pheonix snake with red eyes, dark black helmet, shield, and axe. "Rise up, minions, and serve me as slaves." The devil cat said. The devil cat was female! The wolves started rising with purple smoke surrounding them and their skins started melting. My eyes grew and I slightly trembled with fear. "I would've slaughtered you, for it says in the codex of Pheonix, rule #5, magic is a sign of weakness." The snake said. Necro looked at the snake. "Well, I honestly care less of the codex of Pheonix, lets just get this recon team back to the base, Mik'kill." Necro said. Mik'kill growled. "Yes, yes." Mik'kill replied. They both left and I was going to follow them until I heard Alice calling for me. "The wolves are on to us, lets get out of here before M-" I remained frozen because he started sniffing the air. "I smell... weakness... and it smells like... fear." He said. I was hiding behind a tree and I peeked my head out. He quickly turned his head towards me. I quickly tucked my head behind the tree and froze. "I saw a wolf! get him!" Mik'kill yelled. "My wolf army, chase him and kill him!" Necro ordered. All the wolves (who were now skeletal) glanced at my direction. And I started running.

I don't know how long I ran or how far, but I managed to reach my village and litterally crash into Alice. We rolled a bit and I ended up on my back, with Alice on top of me. "Watch it, dad." She said, while chuckling. I smiled but it faded quickly as I glanced towards to bushes to see if those two were following me. Mik'kill was very visable but it took my a while to see Necro's dark pelt. Mik'kill seemed as if he was going to slither towards me but Necro blocked him with her paw and shook her head. They then vanished within the trees and bushes. "What happened, dad?" Alice asked. "I'll explain once we're in the den, sweety." I said. I kissed her cheek and she got off of me. I got up and we both walked to the den, side by side.

Chapter 14:

Explaining events

"So you were chased by a Pheonix snake and a purple devil cat?" Alice asked. "Yes, thats clearly what happened." I replied. She twitched her mouth twice and opened her jaw to speak. "I think you should report this to Miles, the recon team just got murdered by some... murders." Alice suggested. "Yeah, I'll tell her about it later." I said. Alice yawned and I put my paw on her right cheek. "Looks to me like someone is tired." I said. She smiled but shook her head the same time. "Yeah, I am tired." Alice confessed. I smiled. "Well then, go ahead and sleep on a pelt." I said. Alice got up and went over to the bed. And she then got on it. It was dark and I so, I slept by her side.

Chapter 15:

Story time

I woke up, Alice's nose was poking me on the back of my neck. "Dad." Alice whispered. I turned over to face at Alice. She looked very tired because her eyes were half closed. But she smiled and nuzzled my cheek. "Dad, remember back when I was a pup?" Aice asked. "Of course, I do, darling." I replied. "Well... I was wondering... can you tell me a story?" Alice asked. I smiled. Back when Alice was a pup, I used to tell her stories about gods, clans, and all that other stuff. "Alright, how about I tell you  about... Nepmoon?" I asked. Alice shook her head. "I remember that one." Alice said. "Pheonix?" "Already told me that." "Hades?" "Yep." "Ali'kara?" "Yes." "Medusa?" "Yes." "Clockwork?" Alice paused for a second. "You never told me about him... or her." Alice replied. I smiled. "Alright, I guess this is where we start off." I said. Alice laid down ony my stomach and snuggled close to my head, she then laid her right cheek against my right cheek. And I then told her the story of Clockwork. Until she fell asleep. I kissed her cheek and went to sleep with her on top of me.

Chapter 16:

Chew toy

I woke up, Alice was on top of me neither was she next to me. I got up but I then saw Alice in the opposite corner, and she looked like she was chewing on something. I stretched and silently walked over to her. I wanted to surprise her but she didn't even seem to know I was here. I then stared at what she was biting on. It was a little air-filled orange cat toy. I chuckled and Alice then glanced up at me. "Hi, dad." She said, hiding the toy under her arm. I laughed. "Good morning, sweety." I said. I bent over and brushed against her cheek. And she brushed back. "I see you're playing with your old chew toy." I said. Alice chuckled. "Yeah." She said. I laid down beside her and stared at the old toy, which brought me back to the days...

1 year ago...

"Alright, Miles, I'll do your hunting trip." I said. Miles snuffed. "Very good, but I'd like to ask..." Miles hesitated for a moment and then continued. "How is your daughter going? you know, your little 4 month old pup." Miles asked. "Alice? she is fine, Miles, thanks for asking." I replied. Miles smiled. "Hows your son? Roger?" I asked. "He's going good." Miles replied. I smiled and went into the forest.

I was returning with a dead caribou corpse in my mouth until, I stepped on something. I looked down to see... a cat toy. I dropped the caribou corpse from my mouth and examined the toy. It was certainly made from humans... Alice could probably like this. I thought to myself. I looked around to see human foot prints but it missed our village, entirely. I picked up the cat toy, and placed it in a wound in the caribou corpse to hold it. I then dragged the caribou corpse back to the village.

Once I delievered the caribou corpse, I picked up the cat toy and returned to my den. 

Once I arrived. My daughter, Alice, was apparently sleeping on her stomach. She was about half the size of me but she was still cute. I dropped the cat toy and hid it behind the ankle of my right foot. I then poked Alice with my nose to wake her up. Alice opened her eyes and stretched, then got up and  brushed my cheek. "Good morning, dad." She said. "It's not morning, darling." I said, chuckling. "It isn't?" She asked. "Nope, you just took a nap, it's about noon right now but I got a little present you might like." I said. Alice stopped brushing my cheek and stared up to me. I stared down at her too. I then revealed a the cat toy and pushed it towards her. She gasped and bit the cat toy, then started biting it a little more but the cat toy made sqeak noise everytime she clamped her jaw on it. We both laughed and I kissed her cheek. She put down the cat toy softly and charged into my chest, and it didn't hurt but she ended up putting her soft, right cheek against my chest. "Love you, dad." She said. "Love you too sweety." I replied, putting my left paw on the back of her neck.

I smiled. "Good times." I said. Alice smiled and brushed her cheek against mine. "They were, dad." Alice said.

Chapter 17:


"This meeting has called to order!" Miles yelled. Every wolf looked concerned, looking at each other back and forth. I stepped up. "Miles, theres only one reason why I made this meeting, and the reason why, the recon team has been murdered!" I said. Every wolf gasped and raised a commotion. But Miles didn't appear to be surprised, neither happy. "And you saw these... killers?" Miles asked. "Yes, one was a Pheonix snake, and he kept going on about the codex of Pheonix... a set of laws that only Terror fold serve, and his name is Mik'kill." I reported. The wolves proceeded talking. "This is not good." One wolf said. "Only one killer?" Roger asked. "No, there wasa purple devil cat named Necro, and... she made the corpses rise... and their skins melted like wax." I hesitated and continued. "And they almost seemed to have... turned  to zombies, because they were chasing me until I reached the village and bumped into my daughter." I said. Alice chuckled. But every wolf ignored her and stared at me with silence but surprise. "So you're saying that a Terror fold mercenary named 'Mik'kill' and a voodoo priest 'Necro' are responsible for the recon team not returning?" Miles asked. I nodded and Miles remained silent for a while, the whole crowd was silent too. "So, what do  you plan on doing, Justin?" Miles asked. I shrugged. "I- I don't know." I replied. Miles huffed and smiled at the same time. "Well then, I guess we should stop the hunting productions, and cancel any teams scouting the forest." Miles suggested. "Why not we set up a trap?" I asked. "Too risky." Miles quickly replied. Miles shook her head and all of us stared at her. "This meeting is adjourned." Miles said. Everyone then left, including me and Alice.

Chapter 18:

A special present

It was dusk, and Alice was playing in pup plain. And I just stood on a hill, watching her have fun. She was laughing and rolling a lot and I was really proud of her. She was playing with other wolves' pups again and she seemed to be doing a very grand job making each pup befriend each other. "Justin!" Miles called. I glanced over my shoulder to see that red pelt hag approaching me. She sat down beside me and spoke. "I have been thinking..." Miles said. I nodded. "...I am well aware that your daughter's birthday is just three days away... now two, excluding today." Miles said. "Yeah, she is going to be two years old, the little rascal." I said, staring at her as she was playing tag with the pups. "Well then, I think as a present for her, I think I'll allow her to go on a hunting trip." Miles said. My eyes grew and I growled at Miles. "You want to kill her, don't you?!" I asked. "Calm down, Justin, someone is gonna have to hunt for the tribe." Miles said. I stared at Alice to decide. Would I rather risk my daughter's life? or risk the tribe into starvation? "Think about it, Justin, it's either he... or us." Miles said. She got up and went back to her house. I had to think about it...

Chapter 19:

Kodi moves

Once I woke up, Alice was on my left side, and the top of her head was touching my left cheek. I smiled but got up. I then left the den to check on the village.

Once I went to the village, I saw Kodi on the outside, he was apparently carrying a suit case. I went over to him, and he apparently knew of my presence. "G'day, Justin." Kodi greeted." Good morning, Kodi, so... you're moving?" I asked. He nodded. "Gotta go back to Australia, my home, ya know." Kodi replied. I shook my head. "okay." I said. "I wish you and your daughter good luck, mate." Kodi said. Kodi smiled. "Thanks, Kodi... good luck." I said. Kodi nodded and saluted me. I saluted back before he walked off in pup plain. There was another village near pup plain. But it's about a two day journey there. "Good luck, friend." I said. And Kodi vanished within the distance.

Chapter 20:

Questions, questions, questions!

While me and Alice ate lunch, we both were sitting on our stomachs and eating caribou meat. "So, dad, have you seen, Kodi?" Alice asked. I shook my head. "I'm afraid he left this morning, darling." I replied. Alice sighed. "He was a good friend." Alice said. "Indeed." I said, ripping a piece off the caribou meat. "So, dad, did I ever have any brothers and sisters?" Alice asked. I swallowed some caribou meat and laughed. "Of course you did, Alice." I answered. "Really?!" Alice asked, excited. "Yes, 3 brothers and a sister." I said. I ripped a piece off the caribou meat and she seemed quite happy. "Do you have any presents planned for me on my 2nd birthday?" Alice asked. "You're asking a lot of questions all of a sudden." "I know, but just hear me out, dad." I twitched my mouth. "Yes, I do have presents planend for you, dear... but Miles also has a present for you." I replied. "She does?" "Yes, she wants you to go on a special hunting trip." I said. She remained silent for a while and spoke out. "Why?" Alice asked. "Well... we do need meat." I said. She shook her head. I smiled. "You can do it, Alice." I said. "You really think so?" Alice asked. "Sure, you're smart and strong, even if the killers find you, you'd know what to do." I said. "Thanks, dad." She said.

Chapter 21:

Last day.

I woke up, and Alice was apparently staring into my eyes, her nose touching me and we were both lying down on our stomachs. "Good morning, dad." Alice said, brushng my cheek. "Good morning, dear." I said, brushing her cheek. We both stopped and I got up, stretched, and went out of the den.

Alice had fun in pup plain, and I once again sat on the hill. "Justin." Miles whsipered, approaching me. "Yes, Miles?" "Have you thought about it?" Miles asked. "Yes, and I guess she will go on the hunting trip." I replied. "Good, glad you're teaching her, Justin." Miles said, putting her paw on my back. "She is a strong, and smart hunter, Justin, she knew who her father was." Miles said. I raised an eyebrow. "Flattering statement, Miles, but why are you friendly, all of a sudden?" I asked. "I realized how I treated you, I just want you to let your daughter be healthy." Miles replied. Miles got up and stretched. "Good day, Mr.Justin." Miles wished, walking away.

Once I walked over to the den, I looked walking around the den until I saw something behind the furnace. I went over to it and reached for it. I managed to grab it and pull it out. It was Zoey's necklace! A devil cat fang with a hole in it. 

"Justin." Zoey said. I turned behind my back and faced Zoey. She burhsed my cheek and I burhsed back. "Justin, honey." Zoey repeated. "Yes, Zoey?" I asked. "Once we get our pups, give this to your favorite pup." Zoey said, she handed me over a devil cat fang and walked away. "Okay." I said, shrugging.

I don't even know how the necklace ended up behind the furnace. But I had a plan with it...

Chapter 22:

Happy birthday!

I laid down in front of Alice, waiting for her to wake up. Once she slightly opened her eyes, I guess she was surprised at me because she quickly opened her eyes fully. And then she smiled. "Happy birthday, Alice." I said. She chuckled and then got up. I got up as well. "Alright, first, I guess we'll just open your presents." I said. "You made presents?" Alice asked. "Yeah, they may not be good but they're something." I replied. 

The presents were all packed near the wall of the cave. There was only 2 boxes. Because Alice was 2 years old. "Go ahead and open them." I said. Alice went over to the first present and opened it. It was Zoey's necklace and she looked as if she was wondering what it was. "Whats this?" Alice asked. "That was a necklace from your mother." I replied. Alice quickly glanced at me. "Really?" Alice asked, blinking twice. "Yes, she wanted mt to give it my favorite pup. And that is basically you." I said. Alice chuckled. "Go ahead and put it on, sweety." I said. Alice then tried to slip her head through it but it was impossible. "Let me help." I said, standing up. She smiled and I held the necklace with my mouth, then slipped it through it head. And it hung off her neck. And she looked real beautiful. "Wow." I said in amazment. She smiled at me. "Is it good?" Alice asked. "It is." I replied. Alice chuckled. 

After Alice opened her second present, there was nothing in it. "Wheres the second present?" Alice asked. I smiled and kissed her nose. ""That was it." I replied. Alice laughed and brushed her head under my chin. "Love you, dad." Alice said. I put my right leg around her body and closed my eyes while I rested my cheek on her head. "Love you too, sweety." I said.

Chapter 23:

The hunt is on!

Me and Alice were outside the den, looking at the forest. "Alright, Alice. Remember your lessons." I said. "I know dad." Alice replied. "Watch out for killers." I nagged. Alice shook her head, annoyed. "I know, dad." She said again. I swallowed. "Sorry for nagging you, Alice." I apoligized. Alice chuckled. "It's okay." Alice said. Miles approached us. "Happy birthday, Alice." Miles said. "Thank you, Miles." Alice thanked. "So, you ready for the hunt, Alice?" Miles asked. "Yes, Miles." I replied. "I was asking her, not you, Justin." Miles growled. "Yes, I'm ready, Miles." Alice replied. "Good, dear, bring back a lot of meat and I promise you, this will be the best birthday you'll ever have." Miles said. Alice smiled. "Well, off you go, Alice." Miles said, walking away. Alice was about to walk toward the forest until I called for her. "Alice!" I called. Alice looked back at me and I stood up, approached her, and brushed my cheek against her cheek. "Please be careful, dear." I said. "I will, dad." Alice replied. I stopped brushing her and kissed her. "Good luck." I wished. Alice smiled, nodded, and walked towards the forest. "Good luck, dear..." I whispered, as she vanished in the shadows of the forest.

"Justin, come help me, please!" Roger called me. I was in the den, eating caribou meat. I sighed and went over to Roger. Roger wasn't as bad as Miles, but he is still... gamy. Roger was behind a house blocking the view of the forest though.

"Did you find my favorite caribou doll?" Roger asked. "No, Roger, I never did." I replied, embarrased because of the stupid question. "Really? you never saw it?" Roger asked. "I'm most certain, Roger." I replied. Roger sighed. "Okay, can I borrow Alice's cat toy?" Roger asked. My eyes grew and I silently growled. "No." I replied. "Why not?" Roger asked. "That doll belongs to her, and only her, you get your tainted paws on that toy and I will-" My ears raised as I heard something distant. I looked towards the forest and saw an orange beam above the trees! "What in Ali'kara's claws is that?!" I asked. I looked above the forest to see a ship! it was pretty large, probably larger then the house that blocked the view to the forest. "HELP ME!" Someone cried. I saw something traveling up the orange beam. It was... ALICE!

Chapter 24:


"ALICE!" I cried. I started running towards the forest until Roger blocked my path. "Justin, wait!" Roger said. "WHAT?!" I asked, stopping myself. "She is already in that beam! you can't save her!" Roger replied. I growled. "Get out of my way!" I demanded. I charged through Roger, knocking him down and started running towards the forest. "Dad!" Alice cried. A door opened from beneath that ship and closed once Alice was in the ship, and the ship started flying the opposite direction of the village. I continued chasing it. 

After 10 minutes, I slowed down... and I was still in the forest, but I was miles away from the village. "Alice..." I said, panting still. The ship was fast and it vanished out of sight. "Alice..." I said again. I was completely out of breath and collapsed near a tree. And everything slowly turned black. "Come... back... Alice..." I whispered. And everything completely turned black.

Chapter 25:

The perfect disguise

I woke up, and quickly got up. "Alice?!" I asked. I was in a dark room, but candles surrounded me and I was on a pelt. "Calm down, and rest." Someone calmly ordered. I looked around and saw Kenai on the left of me. "I can't rest, not until I save Alice!" I said. "That is why you need to rest, I have a way you can get inside there." Kenai replied. I laid down on my stomach. "I can't believe I got her into this mess." I said. "Nobody expected this to happen, Justin." Kenai replied. Kenai got up and went over to one corner of the room, and searched a dark drawer. "Here it is." Kenai said, pulling out a flask full of orange liquid. "This will make you appear to be a devil cat to other devil cats and snakes." Kenai said, walking over to me. "But Alice won't recognize me if I drink it." I said. "I said it will make you appear devil cat to snakes and other devil cats, not wolves, or any other animal." Kenai said. "Really? how did you manage to make this potion?" I asked. She smiled. "I read a recipe from my ancestors." Kenai replied. "Okay, how long does it last?" I asked. "Well... that, I do not know." Kenai replied. I grabbed the potion and drank it. Kenai put her paw on my back and sat down. "What if Alice is already dead?" I asked, feeling down because of that very thought. "They won't do that." Kenai said. "How do you know?" I asked. "If they did want to kill her, they would've done so by now." Kenai said. "Then what do you intend they're doing with her?" I asked. "They could possibly be torturing her, asking her if she knows a weapon." Kenai said. "Alice doesn't know any weapon of any sorts." I said. Kenai shrugged. "I do not know, but what we do know is that they have her, and they want something from her." Kenai said. I got up. "Whatever it is, I'm not going to let them do anything to Alice."

Chapter 26:

The journey

I walked through the forest, the same direction I chased the ship to. I then found something, I picked it up and it was... Alice's necklace! How did this fall off her neck? I put on the necklace and headed towards' Alice's location.

It was night and I stopped. I was in a clear circle but trees surrounded the area. I snuggled in close to a tree and slept right there.

I woke up, it was morning and a fox stood in front of me, cooking meat (impaled on a stick)  over a fire. "Bonjour." The fox greeted, he was French. I got up and blinked twice with confusion. "Who are you?" I asked. The fox chuckled. "Gustav, and you?" Gustav asked. "Justin." I replied, getting off the tree and on my paws. "Are you regardez for le snakes?" Gustav asked. "Err... yes... or how do you say it in French?" I asked. "Oui." He replied. "Ah, okay." I said. Gustav took the meat off the stick and passed it to me. "Eat before you cour off." Gustav said. I ate a piece of the meat and swallowed it. And it tasted good. "Very good." I complimented. "Merci." He thanked. I ate a piece of the meat. "Do you have any friends, Gustav?" I asked. "Oui, panther friend, her name: Kya, she Japanese." "Well, I'm off." I said. Gustav chuckled. "Bien luck." Gustav wished. "You too... I guess." I said, shrugging. "Which direction was it again?" I asked. "Le snakes? they're over there." Gustav informed, pointing a direction. "Thanks... or... merci, should I say?" I thanked. Gustav laughed. "Bien luck" Gustav wished again.

I continued walking until I caught sight of a giant metallic ship! it had 4 legs that held it up but they were all curved and the ship was over a lake! It was huge! I walked up to the huge base but stopped once I saw a Medusa snake with samurai armor, he quickly glanced at me as well. "You!" He called. I was about to run until he said "the grey devil cat, get over here." I forgot I drank that potion Kenai gave me. I approached him and once I got close enough, he spoke. "What are you doing in the forest?" He asked. "I was scouting the forest, in case those idiotic wolves sent recon teams." I lied. He raised an eyebrow. "I thought Miles said she would stop all recon teams." He said. What?! they eavesdropped on the meeting?! "Yes, but I also caught some wolves saying that they were going to send some hunters to hunt!" I lied again. "Did you really? well, good work, follow me and report to Mik'kill, rookie." He said. Oh great, Mik'kill came from here! I thought to myself. I followed the snake into an elevator just near the lake and it lifted me up to the base

Chapter 27:

Ghost inside the machine.

The inside was huge! Red metallic hallways were everywhere, along with huge red blast doors. "Alright, rookie, report to Mik'kill, now." He ordered. "Can you guide me there, sir... whats your name?" I asked. "Zall, and yes, I can guide you." Zall replied. "Thank you." I thanked. "Alright, follow me."" Zall ordered. I followed him and he lead me through a bunch of cells, and I didn't see Alice in any of them.

"Well, here we are." Zall said. "Thank you, sir." I thanked. Zall slithered away and I waited for him to slither away until I was convinced he was away. I then crept around the cells to find Alice.

After many cells, I was walking until I stopped and looked through the cell. I saw the beautiful little angel sleeping with her back turned away from the cell wall. I silently opened the cell door and went over to her. I then laid down behind her, then wrapped my legs (front and hind) around her stomach. "I knew you'd come." Alice whispered, brushing her cheek against mine. I brushed back. "How did you know it was me?" I asked. "Not one wolf in the world has a stomach that soft." Alice replied. I then heard the cell door close and we both looked back. Mik'kill, Zall, Necro, and a blood snake with a skull on a staff were looking at us. "Wow, that was the most dumbest action, I have yet to see." Necro said.  I then realized that the potion wore off and I looked like a wolf to them now. Mik'kill laughed. "It's up to Pheonix to decide what to do with the little girl." Mik'kill then shown his axe and put the blade in front of his face, hiding a fraction of his face with the blade of the axe. "But that one, the one with the darker color, he's perfect to be sliced by my axe." Mik'kill said. "You can do that at today's rumble, but for now, lets just talk with Miles." Necro said. "Wait, Miles is a spy?" I asked. "Shes our leader, dummy." Mik'kill replied. "What?!" I asked. They ignored me and continued talking. "So, Fear, what do you plan on doing with your share?" Mik'kill asked the blood snake. So the blood snake is named Fear. But I didn't pay attention to that, it was Zall, he looked back at us before he vanished from sight with the his little "friends".

Chapter 28:


Me and Alice sat in the corner of the prison room, she rested her head against my chest and I had my legs wrapped around her body, my left leg was wrapped around her back and my paw was touching her chest. And my right paw rested on the back of her head. "I'm so sorry, dad." Alice apoligized. "What?" I asked. "This is all my fault." Alice said. I chuckled and squeezed her head closer to my chest. "No it isn't, Alice." I defended. "It is, if I didn't try to hunt, we wouldn't be here." Alice said. "Nobody ever expected for this to happen, Alice." I replied. "Quiet in there, both of you!" Mik'kill ordered. Skeletal snakes guarded the place, and I bet they were summoned by Necro.

"Alright everybody, get out of your cells!" Mik'kill yelled. Every cell door opened, and many panthers walked out. "Why are there all these panthers, here?" Alice asked. We were both inside our cell. "I don't know, Alice." I  whispered. Every panther vanished and me and Alice followed them.

The guards led us all to a Colosseum! the Colosseum was circular with sand in the center. I then saw a devil cat with an orange pelt on a throne... strangely, she was missing a fang, in the audience room. "Greetings, prisoners! welcome to our great invasion prison!" She yelled. She sounded familiar. "Dad, I think I know her." Alice whispered. "Me too, it sounds like... MILES!" I whispered back. "First up, prisoners, know that if you attempt to escape, you will meet the same fate as the ones who "volunteered" today!" Miles announced. A gate opened and Mik'kill came out of it. He raised his axe and devil cats and snakes cheered. "Bring out the prisoners!" Miles ordered. Another gate opened and a wolf came out of it, it was a wolf from our tribe! "We have to save him!" I whispered. "We can't, dad." Alice said. A creepy grin crossed Mik'kill's face and he raised his shield, then charged into the wolf. The wolf dodged but Mik'kill swung his axe up underneath his chin. Blood poured out of his chin and Mik'kill raised him into the air. He then rotated his axe so that the blade faced towards the ground and he then slammed the wolf down. A pool of blood surrounded the wolf, but the wolf positioned his legs to get up, and he strained while doing so... he then collapsed, and his head fell to the right. Alice buried her face into my chest and I put my left paw on her neck. Mik'kill raised his axe and devil cats cheered. Mik'kill went through a gate and Necro appeared through the gate. "The prisoners are going to wish they died to Mik'kill rather then me." Necro threatened. "Bring out the prisoners!" Miles ordered again. Two panthers then came out and growled at Necro. Necro stood straight up with a smile. She then raised her paw and two hands came from the ground beneath her! They both laid their hands down on the ground and pulled themselves up. Two small skeletal snakes appeared with giant two-handed swords! More hands started appearing from the ground! "After them!" Necro ordered. All the skeletal warriors glanced at the panthers and both of the panthers were terrified, they both huddled close to the gate they were released by. All of the skeletal warriors then charged at the panthers, many bones fell but I started hearing screaming once all the skeletal bodies started blocking the view of the two panthers. I saw lots of blood on the walls though. My lips trembled and Alice then squeezed her head towards my chest. All the skeletal warriors went underground and the two panthers' bodies were visible... they had blood all over them and they lying on their backs against the gate... and they had horrified expressions. Necro went through a gate and Fear came out after him. "Fear is the ultimate power!" Fear yelled, his voice distorted and sounded like multiple voices! I never gazed into Fear's eyes. His eyes were not normal... they were little fire balls blocking his eyes! "Show the prisoners what Fear is capable of!" Miles yelled. A gate opened and 3 panthers walked out, along with 2 wolves! Fear smiled and he then made two purple wings appear from behind his back. "Look back!" A panther yelled. I listened to him and looked back, covering Alice's eyes. I then heard screaming but it was cut off by what sounded like... stone. I then looked back. The panthers and wolves... they were PETRIFIED. Fear sinisterly laughed. Mik'kill went out in the Colosseum and hit all the stoned wolves and panthers with a mace, turning them into bits of rubble. "Last but not least, samurai Zall!" Miles said. Fear went out of the Colosseum and and Zall appeared in the Colosseum. The gate opened and a wolf was thrown inside. The wolf got up and quivered with fear as he backed up to the wall. Zall slowly approached him with his katana in his grip. Zall raised the katana with two hands on it and he had an angry expression on. But the wolf then covered his face with his paws and Zall's angry expression turned into a frown. He then dropped his own katana and slithered away... "Zall! what do you think you are doing?" Miles asked. "This was never part of Medusa's plan, Miles! Medusa said to gain vengeance on the humans..." Zall glanced at the wolf who was now crying. "...Not murder innocent wolves and panthers!" Zall yelled.  Miles growled. "You will pay for your arrogance, Zall... Mik'kill, kill the wolf." Miles said. Mik'kill cracked his knuckles and approached the wolf. "With pleasure..." Mik'kill said. Mik'kill grabbed the wolf's neck and pinned him towards a wall. The wolf tried to scratch Mik'kill but Mik'kill wore heavy armor. I could hear the wolf gasping for air. Mik'kill was choking him! "Let him go!" I demanded. Mik'kill glanced up at me. "You looking to end up like him, weakling?" Mik'kill asked. "He's right dad, don't get involved." Alice whispered. A tear fell rolled down my cheek as the wolf died. Mik'kill then grabbed Zall's katana and stuffed it in his neck, he then twisted it and let go of the katana... and the wolf was impaled to the wall... I was about to vomit. Blood spilled all over the katana and dripped to the ground. Mik'kill dusted his hands and he vanished into the darkness made from that gate he came out of. "Alright, that was today's rumble, prisoners! get back to your cells and we will send you to the venom god himself!" Miles yelled. Every panther and wolf started walking out but I stared deep into that wolf's eyes... the thought of him begging for his life... yet killed in a cruel way was just disturbing to me. "Lets go, dad, I seen enough." Alice said. I then left with Alice.

Chapter 29:

The speech.

I woke up, the cell door was creaking open. Alice woke up too and we both glanced at the cell door. Mik'kill, along with two imperial Medusa snakes stood there. "You, the girl one, come with me." Mik'kill ordered. I then stood up and blocked Alice. "You're not taking her with taking me." I challenged. Mik'kill growled. "GIVE... ME... THE GIRL." Mik'kill demanded. "You take me to whatever you want her to." I challenged again. Mik'kill growled. "I don't know if I should consider that love, or bravery." Mik'kill said. "I don't care, take me to whatever shes going to." I said. Mik'kill remained silent for a while. "Fine, follow me." Mik'kill ordered.

Mik'kill led us to another ship and once we approached a closed door. I heard a loud speaker. "All humans, get out of your cells! otherwise, we'll poison all cells within 10 seconds!" The loud speaker yelled. After several seconds, we heard another loud speaker from the same person. "All animals, proceed to the OTHER end!" The loud speaker yelled. "Forget about him, that's just for the prisoners on this boat." Mik'kill said. He opened the door and stood aside. "Get in, and shut up." Mik'kill ordered. We both walked in and Mik'kill closed the door behind us.

Once we sat down, we sat near a very pretty blue highborn. "Hey, my name is Jin." Someone said. I looked around but it was just a female panther talking to the blue highborn. "Jenna." The blue highborn said. I heard a gunshot and everyone in the room faced towards a Medusa snake with golden shoulder pads. He was holding a gun at the roof and the gun had smoke coming out of it. The Medusa snake put the gun behind him along with his hands. "Attention, you are all probably curious of why you're here..." He hesitated before continuing. "...You will all be serving three days worth of labor, and you will all be sent to Amon... I mean! warden Decay! he will explain everything else." He said. Prisoners started moving and we followed them. 

Chapter 30:

Pathetic excuses.

We got into a room filled with Panthers, wolves, foxes, and other animals. A devil cat, along with a Pheonix snake, Medusa snake with a Texan hat, and a Medusa snake with a medical mask were standing there. The Texan one randomly pointed a sniper rifle at Jin but the devil cat lowered his weapon using his paw. ''Greetings, my name is warden Decay. You were already informed that you would do 3 days of labor, however: you do good... you could be set free and have two wishes that you desire, work bad: you will be painfully cut into pieces.'' Decay threatened. Alice scooted a little closer to me but Decay continued. "Today is day one, you will be making us money so that the snakes can continue their invasion. And today, you will working in the mines." Decay informed. "But we don't have hands!" Alice said. "Alice!" I whispered. "Your pick axes are not for hands, they're for your helmets you're gonna wear." Decay said. Mik'kill went over to Decay. "Excuse me, warden Decay. But I will be taking those two, over there." Mik'kill said, pointing at me and Alice. "Why?" Decay asked. "Warden Miles needs them, you know the drill." Mik'kill said. "Right, warden Miles... okay, take them off my paws." Decay said. Mik'kill pointed at me and Alice. "You two, come with me! the rest of you! get back to work!" Mik'kill ordered. Everyone started walking but Mik'kill led us off that ship. 

Chapter 31:

Zall's plan

Mik'kill whacked my bum with the blunt side of his axe. "Get in there, you weaklings!" Mik'kill ordered. He pushed us into a room and closed the door behind us. It was a pretty dark room but there was a chair up ahead. "You two, come closer." Someone in the chair ordered. Me and Alice approached and the person in the chair was Zall! "You two... I think you made me realize something I never thought about." Zall confessed. "Really?" I asked. "Yes, I never thought about my past... until I saw you two-" Zall sighed. "-I always hated my parents, so into technology and no honor at all. They cared less of me and more of their true nature... so I ran away, ran away seeking my destiny, my love, and my honor." Zall covered his face with his palm. "But honestly... I'm confused if this true honor... is it my destiny to wreck the lives of innocent animals?" Zall asked. Me and Alice said nothing. "I have a plan for you two, I tricked Mik'kill into saying that warden Miles called for you." Zall explained. "That explains." I said. Zall laughed. "Alright, anyway. The key out of here is simple. He kneeled over to get within whispering point of us. "The lift down to ground surface will not get you out of here. There is a secret that Miles has that she uses to get from here to the town and back." Zall said. "Really?" I asked. "Yes, Miles uses a certain teleportation potion that enables her to teleport into a cemetary in your village." Zall explained. "Why the cemetary?" I asked. "Her sister died there, and there, she lost her fang." Zall said. "Okay, so where is this potion?" I asked. "I'm afraid it's in a safe, but only she knows the password... but I think her son, Roger, would do the trick to getting you out of here!" Zall said. "Why would Roger spill the combination to a safe?" I asked. "Roger always checks the safe to see if the potions are safe, he has brain damage though and he has to say everything he does, other then breathing, walking, running, you get the idea." Zall explained. "Good plan! we can evesdrop on him! but what about you, Zall?" I asked. "I'll be fine, they can push me around as much as they want." Zall replied. "Okay, good luck, Zall." I wished. "You too, Nepmoon guide you both." Zall wished, saluting us. We both saluted him and silent left.

Chapter 32:


Me and Alice snuck into Miles' room. It was very fancy but me and Alice hid under a bed just near the safe. We both hid for a while, and we then heard footsteps. "Lets see here... Z-O-E-Y." Roger said. We heard the safe open and after a few seconds, close. "Good, they're still safe." Roger said. We then heard the foot steps walk away. We waited for a few seconds and then went over to the safe. "Why is the combination 'Zoey'?" I whispered. "Who is Zoey?" Alice asked. "Zoey is the name of your mother, sweety." I replied. Alice blinked twice with confusion. "Really?" Alice asked. "Yes." I said. I opened the safe grabbed a potion, the potion was in a bottle that was filled with red liquid. "I'll drink first, Alice." I said. Alice nodded. I drank the potion and everything started turning red, and then darkness...

Chapter 33:

Smoke in the distance

Once I saw everything again, Alice was right beside me and we were both on top of a grave, in the cemetary near our village. "Why the cemetery, dad?" Alice asked. "I'm not sure." I replied. I looked at the tombstone of the grave.

Here lies


There was a rose and a fang lying on Alexandra's grave... "A fang?" I asked. I picked up the fang, it was a devil cat tooth. "Why would there be a devil cat fang on her grave, dad?" Alice asked. "Not sure, sweety." I replied. I put the fang back and turned back to Alice. "lets go back to the village, dear." I said, nuzzling her chest. "Okay, dad." Alice said. I was done nuzzling and faced at my daughter's blue eyes. "So, how long is it?" Alice asked. "How long is what?" I asked. "How long will it take to reach the village from here?" Alice asked. "About an hour, why?" I asked. "There is smoke in the direction of our village." Alice replied. My eyes grew and I faced towards the village. There was smoke coming from there! "Lets go! quickly!" I said, running towards our village. Alice followed me.

Chapter 34

Pheonix caught up

Once we reached our village... the whole place was on fire. I panted with fear. "Come on! lets go find any survivors!" I said, running into our ignited village.

Smoke got into my lungs quickly, but I saw many wolf corpses... but some of them didn't even look like they ignited at all. I coughed, my eyes started making tears. "Alice!" I cried, coughing. The smoke and debris blinded my view of Alice. "Over here, dad!" Alice yelled. I gasped with happiness and ran over to her direction.

Once I reached her, she was stuck by a log that rolled over her, apparently. "Help!" Alice cried, tears growing in her eyes as well. I went under the log and lifted it with my back. I managed to lift it up and Alice squeezed through, and I then went over to her. "Anything?" I asked. Alice coughed twice. "No!" Alice replied. Alice coughed twice again and she collapsed. "Alice!" I cried, leaning over to her. Her lungs were already clogged. I then had difficulty breathing and collapsed too... darkness slowly surrounded me as I heard the fire feasting on the village.

Chapter 35:

The men awoke

I coughed many times, vomiting out water. "Oui, the wolf awoke." Someone said. I saw a paw in front of me, it was not a wolf or devil cat paw... it was a fox paw! I stood up only to face Gustav. "Oh... hi-" I threw my head to one side and coughed out water before continuing. "Hey, Gustav." I greeted. "Salut, Justin." Gustav greeted back. I then saw a group of wolves behind him, they were all huddled near a single fire. Shaman Kenai was with them. "Justin, come here." Kenai ordered. I inhaled and exhaled deeply and approached. "You caused some trouble when you were gone on your quest." Kenai said. "I know... but I had to save my daught-" "I am not blaming you, Justin." Kenai interrupted. "Oh." "Well, our village has been burnt, what can we do now?" A wolf asked. "I don't know." Another wolf replied. My eyebrows then dropped. "I will go! and kill them for this!" I yelled. Everyone was silent after I said that. "I'm coming with you, dad." Alice said, standing up. I didn't realize Alice was near the fire. "No, Alice, you're staying here." I said."Justin, I do not think it is wise to go alone." Kenai said. I glanced at Kenai and raised an eyebrow. "I can do it, dad, I can help!" Alice said, coming over to me. I stared into her eyes and she stared into mine. And we all froze for a while. "Alright, you're coming with me." I said. She smiled. "So, how can we go back though?" I asked. Kenai smiled. "I just discovered, Miles had a potion in her house... I have a feeling you know the answer, Justin." Kenai said. "I do, it was Miles who burnt down the village." I said. "How do you know this?" A wolf asked. "I saw it myself, Miles was the leader, she was a devil cat!" Alice replied. Everyone's eyes grew. "So... the potion, do you know what it does?" I asked. "No, Kenai just found it." Gustav replied. "Miles had a potion that teleported me from her base to the cemetery, so, give me that potion." I ordered. Gustav handed me the potion. "I'll go first, darling." I said. She nodded. I drank the potion and everything blacked out again.

Chapter 36:

They knew!

I woke up, Alice was beside me but I then heard gun clicking. I looked up, there was many imperial Medusa snakes with crossbows, rifles, and Clockwork guns! I heard laughter and I then saw, Mik'kill, Necro, Fear, and Zall approaching us. "Good thinking, Fear, the bait actually worked." Mik'kill said. Mik'kill pulled out his axe and raised it. "Maybe they wouldn't want a cell here... no, they want a cell... IN THE UNDERWORLD!" Mik'kill was about to slam his axe down and I covered Alice's head with my paws and my own head. But he suddenly stopped. "No, Mik'kill, we must kill them both in the rumble. You know the rules." Miles said. "Right." Mik'kill said, sheathing his axe. "So, Justin, how did you like my sister's grave?" Miles asked. "Your... sister? you mean Alexandra?" I asked. "Yes, my sister, murdered, by you." Miles said. I was about to speak but Mik'kill spoke out. "We can't put them in a normal cell, what can we do, Fear?" Mik'kill asked. Fear smiled. "My personal asylum is always an option." Fear said. Mik'kill smiled. "Brilliant idea, that outta make them unable to sleep for a... a... month! right! a month!" Mik'kill said. An imperial Medusa snake shoved his crossbow into my body and me and Alice started walking, following Fear to his "room".

Chapter 37:

Fear's asylum

We were kicked into a small room, but it looked like solitary confinement. They closed the door behind us and there was no one in the room but me and Alice. "Welcome!" Someone said, me and Alice glanced ahead, Fear was right there! he wasn't there before! Fear smiled creepily. "Welcome to my asylum, thats not it's name but I like to call it that." Fear said. We both raised an eyebrow (me and Alice.) "So, I welcome you to the ultimate level of pain, hurt, and regret." Fear said. I heard the door slam and I glanced at it. The door was closed and now... it's still closed. Me and Alice glanced back at Fear but he was gone. I walked over to Fear's spot and sniffed it but I smelled nothing. "Dad! help!" Alice cried. I glanced back at Alice. I saw tentacles from the wall! they had were holding Alice against the wall! "Alice!" I cried. I ran over to her but the room started stretching! I got tired but once I reached Alice, I saw the tentacles pull her through the wall! "Alice!" I cried. I went over to that spot of the wall but it was solid. "Justin." A female said. I glanced at the female. It was a wolf standing right there, staring at me. She had an orange pelt and green eyes. But I could swear, I remember her somewhere. "Zoey?" I asked. She smiled. "Hello, Justin." She greeted. I was grateful to see her too but I didn't trust her. She then grunted in pain and my eyes grew. She then started melting! "Zoey?!" I asked. She fully melted and I heard laughter. I glanced at the wall that Alice was sucked in but... there was no wall, it was only darkness. I stuck my paw out in the darkness, I could see my paw perfectly fine but the darkness was still there. I heard laughter again and I started looking around. "Insanity, isn't it?" I heard someone ask. I glanced at the source and Fear was standing right there. "It's my specialty." Fear bragged. "Where is Alice?" I asked, growling. "You saw her yourself, got sucked into the wall by a bunch of tentacles, I don't know who those tentacles belonged too, probably slend-" "GIVE HER BACK!" I demanded. Fear laughed. "You think I'm going hand over your daughter to you on a silver platter?" Fear asked. "GIVE HER BACK! " I repeated myself. Fear shook his head. "Fine." Fear said, he stuck out his hand and Alice appeared on top of his hand. Fear tossed her to me. "Alice!" I said, hugging her. But then, once I started hugging her, her pelt felt... solid. I looked at her but she was petrified! I growled at Fear but... Fear wasn't there. Blood started seeping towards me from the sides of the platform I was standing in the center of the room and my heart pounded against my chest. I then went out-cold from the insanity.

Chapter 38:


I woke up. I was laying on my back and Alice was on top of me. I hugged her and looked around. We were in a green room. It was pretty big but it was still dark. Alice brushed her cheek against mine. "Good morning, dad." Alice greeted. "I don't think it's morning, darling." I replied. "It's not." Someone said. I glanced to my left to see Zall. "Oh, hey, Zall." I greeted. "It's night right now, I'm afraid I'll have to wake you up at one point to return you to Fear's room." Zall said. "Thanks." I said. "Meanwhile, get some sleep, you'll need it." Zall said. Zall then vanished into the darkness and me and Alice slept.

Chapter 39:


Me and Alice were behind a gate, shivering with fear. I hugged Alie close to my body and she rested her head on my chest. "Release the prisoners to face warden Mik'kill!" Miles ordered. Our gate opened and a bright white flashed in my eyes, my eyes adjusted and I saw a whole crowd of devil cats and snakes, cheering. "Rip their tales off!" A snake yelled. "Impale their necks!" A devil cat shouted. Me and Alice slowly walked in, side-by-side. Mik'kill was ahead, his axe glimmering and on the ground, along with blood on it. I walked ahead of Alice and we both put on a battle stance, rearing our lips back to show our teeth. Mik'kill laughed and dropped his axe and shield. He then taunted us by making the 'come here' gesture. Me and Alice surrounded him on his left and right and pounced at him. But he grabbed me and used me as a club, and hit Alice while she was in mid-air. I was dizzy after that but I saw Alice lying on the ground before I was flung and thrown towards the wall. Luckily, he didn't throw me hard enough to make me crush my spine against the wall and I skated along the sand of the arena instead. Everything was blurry but I saw Mik'kill approaching me after that. "Time to die, sweety." He said, he was about to grab me but he then grunted with pain and the crowd gasped. Mik'kill was reaching for his back but grabbed something, it was Alice! my vision straightened out and I jumped at Mik'kill. Mik'kill grabbed me too and threw Alice to one side of the arena. Mik'kill rammed my back against the wall and everything turned red, my heart beating against my chest rapidly. He wrapped his hands around my neck and choked me a bit but let me go afterwards. I gasped for air, tears filled my eyes, but, I didn't care about the pain surging through my neck, back, or anything else. I glanced at Alice. She laid there... and it didn't even look like she was breathing. I glanced at Mik'kill, he stared at me back. After 30 seconds, Mik'kill went over to his dropped weapons and picked up his axe. He then approached me slowly, my back was against the wall and I was helpless. "Kill him, Mik'kill! make his suffering end!" Miles said, Mik'kill looking at her for a while. He then looked down at me. His eyes pure red, and his face hidden from the shadow of his dark, grey helmet. He raised his axe and everything seemed to slow down. The axe slowly came down on me, calling my name

I then saw a katana block the axe, and a green hand held the blade of the katana, the other hand gripped the grip of the katana. Blood seeped from the hand on the blade but time then resumed. It was Zall who was holding the katana! "What are you doing?!" Mik'kill asked. Zall lifted the katana, making Mik'kill hit himself with his own axe. Alice ran over to me and brushed my cheek. "Come on, get up, dad!" Alice rushed. I stood up on my paws and Zall covered us both with his body, he was holding his katana as if he were blocking his mouth. Mik'kill grunted and raised his axe over his right shoulder, he then swung down on Zall but Zall locked it with his katana. Zall then punched Mik'kill stomach, making Mik'kill stagger and Zall then hit Mik'kill head with his fist and Mik'kill fell backwards, unconscious. "Zall?! what in Pheonix's wrath are you doing?!" Miles asked. "This was not part of the plan, Miles-San. Or should I just say, Miles." Zall said. "We're following the plan! what are you talking about?!" Miles asked. "I meant, Medusa's plan, she said to convert humans to snakes, not kill wolves and panthers." Zall replied. Miles growled. "WHO CARES ABOUT MEDUSA?!" Miles screamed. The crowd started jumping into the arena but we ran into the gate we were in. The gate closed and the crowd couldn't get in. "Get them, you fools!" Miles yelled. "Go!" Zall whispered, staying behind us. We all went out of there.

Chapter 40:


"So, whats the plan, Zall?" I asked. "We're going to try to blow up this ship." Zall replied. "What?!" I asked. "Don't you worry, first, our objective is to free all the prisoners first." Zall said. We were all walking down a hallway, made entirely out of red metal. "Alright, there is a central lever, it will unlock all cells and all wolves and panthers will go 'sayanara'." Zall explained. "Okay, anything else?" I asked. "I'll have to improvise if anything goes wrong, but for now, I have a plan set straight." Zall replied. "Okay." I said. Alice rubbed her cheek against mine.  "We're going to be okay, right dad?" Alice asked. "We will, sweety." I replied.

Chapter 41:

Freeing the prisoners

Alice and I separated from Zall, Zall took one route of prisoners, we took the other. 

Prisoners begged for us to release them, but even if we could, we couldn't. Because the cells were closed by automated locks.

I peaked around a corner, Alice was behind me. Multiple Terror fold snake mercenaries were there, having an arm wrestle. "Slaughter him!" One Terror fold cheered. "Rip his heart out!" Another said. The Terror fold on the left slammed the other's arm. And that Terror fold that won got up and cheered. "Ha ha!" The snake that won laughed. The Terror fold mercenaries then held down the one that lost. "What are they doing?" I asked. Alice peaked around the corner too. The snake that won pulled out a dark black knife and approached the snake that lost. He then kneeled down, and stabbed his heart. Alice gasped but held her scream in. I covered Alice's eyes with my paw and saw the rest. The snake that won then tore through his chest and reached inside his chest. My eye twitched. He then pulled  out his... heart. The snake died and the snakes threw that snake off the chair he was sitting on. "Get the weakling out of my sight, may Pheonix forever shame him." The snake that won said. That snake spat at the corpse and they all slithered away, leaving the corpse. We waited for several seconds and we snuck passed the corpse. 

We climbed stairs up to the control room, it was unguarded, luckily, but once we reached it. There were dead Clockwork snakes in it, sitting on chairs or lying down. "What happened here?" Alice whispered. "I don't know, Alice, but lets get out of here."  I whispered.We both snuck into the room, I examined the Clockwork snake. He had claw marks on him, he also seemed to be a Smeltier. "Dad!" Alice whispered. I glanced at Alice. She was near a four levers. I went over to her and read a sign underneath the levers. 


out to grip one but 

Underneath each lever was BLOCK A or BLOCK B. I was about to pull the levers until Alice screamed and I glanced at her. She was staring at the vent. I quickly glanced at the vent, there was nothing. "Th-th-there was eyes! right there." She stammered. I squinted at the vent. I saw nothing but I heard stepping sounds in it. I looked closer, the stepping sounds stopped but I still saw nothing. I grabbed a flash light on the dead snake and shined it down the vent. I saw a black tail vanish around a corner. My eyes grew and I stood there for a while, but I then unfroze and went over to the levers. I pulled all four of them. Alice stood on her hind legs, her front paws staying on the edge of the window. I went over to her and stood on my hind legs too, all cells were opened and humans, wolves, war panthers, and other animals started swarming guards. "Well, I bet Zall has done his part." I said. "Yeah, can we go home now, dad?" Alice asked. I stared into her eyes and laid my paw on her cheek. "We will, sweety." I replied. She smiled but then gasped as she stared at the doorway. I glanced there too. A Terror fold mercenary was there! "Whats this now?" He asked, he wasn't Mik'kill but he still had a deep voice. I stood in front of Alice, protecting her. He laughed. "Is this a sign of love? love is weakness." He said. He grabbed a Pheonix knife and approached us. He raised his knife but then stopped, a blade piercing his heart. He dropped the knife and dropped to the right. Zall was there, holding his katana. "Right on time, Zall." I said. He smiled. "You did good, Justin-San, so did you, Alice-San." Zall said, wiping his katana with a handkerchief. "Alright, now, you came here for what reason, Justin-San?" Zall asked. "We came to kill Miles for what she did." I replied. Zall grinned. "Well, lets go then." Zall said. He sheathed his katana and motioned for us to follow. We followed him.

Chapter 42:

Base go boom

"So, what now, Zall?" I asked. "Now, we activate the bomb, and get out of here." Zall replied. I nodded. 

We walked into one room, The door slammed behind us. "Uh... Zall?" I asked. Zall shrugged but then, the room soon glowed red. It was a circular room, large roof and large room. Zall then drew out his katana, seeing Fear was standing right there! His face blocked by shadow. "You know that I do not fear you, Fear?" Zall said. Fear laughed. "My fear is powerful, Zall, it cannot be stopped." Fear replied. He then revealed his face, and he had the same face but he had a smile that crossed his face, and it reached up to his eyebrows! Zall then charged Fear, Fear got impaled by the katana but he still had the smile. He then turned innto black dust. "Is he dead?" Alice asked."No, he is merely teleporting." Zall replied. Zall then appeared in front of him with that smile and blasted Fear with a force that pushed him back all the way to us! Wings then came from Fear and I started seeing skulls approach me. "Stare away, both of you!" Zall ordered. Zall blocked my eyes with his katana. Once Fear's wings closed in his body, Zall charged at him again and swung his katana down on him. Fear then vanished but appeared next to Zall, Zall swung at Fear again but Fear teleported behind him again. Zall pulled out a bow on his back, drew it back with an arrow loaded. and Fired in a random direction, Fear teleported but appeared in front of it. Fear then got impaled and his smile vanished. Fear laid down, screaming in pain. Zall then went over to him with his katana drawn. He raised it, making the blade straight down on Fear. "No!" Alice yelled. Zall glanced at her, but Alice ran over to Fear and blocked the path of the katana. Zall blinked twice and lowered the katana to his hip. "Why not?" Zall asked. "Please, Zall, enough died today." Alice said. I blinked twice, impressed by her bravey to block that katana before it struck down like a missle. "Fear lost his honor, I am forced to do this, Alice-san." Zall replied. "Can't they restore it?" Alice asked. "No." "Please, Zall, just give him a chance." Alice said. Zall squinted at Alice with a suspicous look. But he sheathed his katana and we moved on to the next room.

We went into one room with a huge generator in the center. "Wow." Me and Alice gasped, both of our eyes wide. Zall laughed. "This is the main generator, we blow this up, the whole base explodes." Zall replied. Zall was about to slither over to it but Fear ended up in front of him! "You are not going anywhere!" Fear yelled, his arrow gone. Zall drew out his katana but Fear smiled, not that smile that reached his eyebrows, but a normal grin. "You are not going anywhere, without me." Fear rephrased. Zall lowered his katana. "Are you saying you wish to team up with us?" Zall asked. "Yes, I realized my mistakes, your little girl right there helped me think, for the first time." Fear said. Zall sheathed his katana but pointed a finger at Fear. "Very well, but if you so dare harm me or them, and I will see to it that your head gets severed from your neck. Are we clear?" Zall asked. Fear nodded. "You need to trust me, Zall, you stand no match against Necro. He will swarm you with a bunch of undead snakes, but I, I mastered spells that can easily burn his undead, if not, petrify them." Fear said. "Undead can be petrified?" I asked. "Yes, Necro always tried to find a way to get his undead immune to petrify, but he never did." Fear replied. 

We (including Fear) walked into a control room. Zall pushed a red button but an alarm blared. "Self-destruct activated! please activate the two keys to continue." A female voice said. Two keys on the control panel then popped out. Zall was about to pull one but once he  tried to turn it, he strained. "What the?" Zall asked. The key wouldn't turn. The loud speaker went on ."Nice try, Justin, you annoying little zezom. I have the locked the keys into place. Guards, defend the generator!" Miles ordered. "Dad, look!" Alice said, looking out a window. I went over to her and stared out. Imperial Medusa snakes with rifles started pouring in. One of the imperials had a battering ram. Fear pressed a button that locked the door and Fear zapped the button that destroyed it. Crashing sounds then came from the door, I guess it was the battering ram. "What now? we're stuck in this room!" I said. Fear shook his head. "You know who build this generator?" Fear asked. "Smeltiers?" Alice guessed. "No, Pon Peters. And they just so happened to have placed secret points all over this place." Fear said. A bullet then piecred the window and shot right passed Fear's head. Fear wasn't startled though. Fear then went over to a wall that looked a little bit darker then the rest of the wall. "Zall, hit this wall, please." Fear ordered. The door was then making louder noises but Zall punched the wall and it broke. We all ran throughand Fear went last, but we all looked back, Fear raised his hands in the air and the wall started repairing itself! once the wall was fixed. He put his hands down to his hips and we all moved on.

The secret hallway had all sorts of pipes in it, rats crawled around but Fear would eat any that stood in his way. "Why do you eat mice?" Alice asked. "Snakes do that, Alice, they like mice." I replied. "Oh." "That way, I see an ending." Zall pointed towards a wall. Zall punched through the wall and he shook off his hand. We all walked through and Fear fixed the wall. We were in a room filled with grass, dirt lined up certain places like a human-made... whats it called? grave yard! but there were no tombstones, and my vision was limited because there was darkness. We walked around the room but the darkness soon cleared and we saw Necro! "Fear?" Necro asked. Fear nodded. "Wh- what are you doing? why are you with them?!" Necro asked. "I thought clearly, you should too, Necro." Fear said. She laughed. "My thoughts are clear, Fear, our objective is to kill, it was always to kill!" Necro said. Necro raised a paw and it glowed, two skeletal warriors then appeared right next to her. "Attack them! swarm them!" Necro yelled. A dozen skeletal warriors then rose and started charging towards us with two-handed swords! Fear then had wings activate, Necro gasped and looked away but all of her warriors got petrified. Zall charged at Necro and rammed her against the wall. Necro coughed out blood. Zall then put his katana against her neck. Necro backed up against the wall with fear. "No, please, don't kill me!" Necro begged. "Zall..." Zall glanced at Alice and winked. Alice remained still after that. "What makes you think I'll spare you?" Zall asked. "Please! I can help! I don't want to go back to Pheonix! you know what he will do to me!" Necro begged. Zall smiled and sheathed his katana. Necro gasped for air for several seconds. "Thank you, thank you!" Necro said.

Chapter 43

Nuclear core detonation

Necro pointed at a circuit box. "Miles locked the keys into place, but if we can cut some wires, I think the keys can move." Necro said. We explained the plan to Fear and Necro, so they understood what we were doing. "Zall opened the circuit box, there was a red and blue wire. "Oh great." He murmured. Zall grabbed his katana and cut the red wire. Nothing happened. "Guess that did it." Zall said, sheathing his katana. We all went back to the control room. 

Once we were in the secret hallway. The loudspeaker came on. "All imperials, contain the prisoners! we do not want them escaping!" Miles yelled. 

Once we got into the control room, the door was broken down but Zall managed to turn both keys. "Self destruct initiated! nuclear core detonation will occur in twenty minutes!" 


Prisoners were running, left and right, but as we ran towards the lift, many imperials were running as well. "No, no, you fools! do not run, fight! contain the prisoners!" Miles ordered. "You heard her, shoot them!" A guard yelled. "No, you idiot! who cares about warden Miles! run for your life!" Another guard yelled. 

We reached the small lift but it was broken! "Great, what now?!" I asked. I then saw someone. It was Roger! "Look! it's Roger! follow him!" I ordered, running after him. Everyone followed me.

Roger ran into a room, he reached the end but it was a big room. He started pushing a button that closed the door that lead to him. "Dang!" I said. A door also trapped us into the room. "Great! what now?!" Necro asked. The door that lead to Roger opened, but a Terror fold then came out of it and he closed the door. It was Mik'kill!

Chapter 45:

The sign of weakness

"You have made me show weakness before, it will not happen again!" Mik'kill yelled. Necro then made two skeletal warriors teleport in front nowhere. Mik'kill battle cried and charged into us. Zall blocked his charge and got knocked back, he slid across the ground on his back. Mik'kill then approached Fear. "I will show you true fear." Mik'kill said.  I then ran in to save Fear, I leaped at Mik'kill and bit his neck. Mik'kill grabbed me and tossed me at Fear. Fear casted a spell at me that made me stop in mid-air and drift down to the ground. "Thanks." I thanked. Alice then ran to Mik'kill and leaped at him. I distracted Mik'kill by running directly into him. Mik'kill swung his axe at me but Alice bit his neck and interrupted him. I then leaped at Mik'kill as well and bit the front of his neck. He grabbed Alice and swung her at me, making me knocked off of Mik'kill. He then threw Alice at me. "Now, it is time for you... to die." Mik'kill said, approaching us. Zall gasped for air and crawled over to his katana (which was pretty far from him.) Mik'kill stopped approaching us and went over to Zall's katana. Zall was about to grab it but Mik'kill grabbed the katana and threw it towards the wall. Zall got up and punched Mik'kill chest, but Mik'kill didn't even budge. Mik'kill grabbed Zall's head and punched his cheek. Zall had blood on his cheek now. Mik'kill tossed him over to the wall, back first and Zall seemed dead... Mik'kill then approached us. "Stay close, darling." I said, hugging Alice. She rested her head beneath my chin. Mik'kill laughed. "You lost because of your love, your love is weakness." Mik'kill said. "It got us this far." I replied. "Indeed, but maybe you would've won, if you didn't love, and followed the codex of Pheonix." Mik'kill said. He dropped his shield and raised his axe. "I assure you, Pheonix will make quick work of you." Mik'kill said. A sword then blocked his axe and other swords started beating on Mik'kill. They were skeletal snakes! Mik'kill punched a skeletal warrior and that warrior fell backwards. Mik'kill then got beaten down. Necro came over to us. "Thanks, Necro." I thanked. "You're welcome, now, shall we get out of here before this base blows up?" Necro asked. Zall approached, Fear carrying his shoulder. "You okay, Zall?" I asked. "Fine, but let us get out of here before the place blows." Zall said. "I... have shown weakness..." Mik'kill said, slowly. Mik'kill then approached Zall's katana. "Stop him!" I yelled. He grabbed the katana and rolled on his back. "Pheonix, I have failed you..." Mik'kill said. He held the katana until it pointed towards his chest. "No! wait, Mik'kill!" Alice screamed, running over to him. Mik'kill glanced at Alice with anger. "You don't interrupt a Terror fold if he has shown weakness!" Mik'kill yelled. "But, Mik'kill, you yielded to a devil cat. Isn't that weakness?" Alice asked. Mik'kill's eyes grown. "I-I- I think it is." Mik'kill stammered. "Don't you want revenge?" Alice asked. Mik'kill growled and screamed. "Where is she?! Pheonix calls for vengeance!" Mik'kill yelled, standing up and raising his axe in the air. "My soul is bound to you, wolves." Mik'kill said.

Chapter 46

Teamed up

We all ran down a hallway, Zall carried Necro because she was old. We then saw Miles. "Come on, Roger, lets go!" Miles said. I was about to chase her but an explosion occured and made rubble and debris fall in front of us. "Whole place is falling." Necro said. Mik'kill grabbed the rubble and strained, he then lifted it, enough for all of us to fit. "Get going!" Mik'kill said. Alice crawled first and I crawled in before her. Zall, Necro, and Fear, and Mik'kill also followed. "Where are they going?" I asked. "They're obviously going to the safe, with potions." Fear replied. "I assumed you knew." "Come on, lets follow them!" I yelled. I took lead and everyone else followed. 

Once 5 minutes were left until self destruct, I saw Roger go into a room. "That room!" I said, pointing. Once we got in, it wasn't a room! it was a hanger! Roger hopped into a shuttle and the shuttle started flying off. "Now what?" Necro asked. I looked around while explosions were blowing around. My ears popped but I managed to find an abandoned shuttle. "Get in!" I yelled, running into a shuttle. Everyone followed me. "Anyone know how to drive this thing?" I asked. Zall went up to the pilot seat and pressed on auto pilot. The shuttle started drifting slowly. "Self destruct in 1 minute." The shuttle then failed and laid down again. Mik'kill went up to the front seat and punched the auto pilot, and the shuttle started drifting again. "30 seconds until self destruct." "Hurry!" I rushed. "TRYING!" Mik'kill yelled. The shuttle then flew out and me and Alice got a good view of the base from the back window. 

Chapter 47:

The finale

Our shuttle caught up with Miles' shuttle. "What can we do?" I asked. "Board them." Mik'kill replied. "Or, I could just turn the pilot insane." Fear suggested. "Lets go with Fear." I said. Fear smiled and went over to the side of the shuttle. "Get me closer!" Fear ordered. Zall went over to the pilot and boosted the speed a little. Fear's hand then had a purple glow on his palm and he pointed it towards the shuttle. The ball then went over to their ship and I heard their pilot screaming with pain. Their shuttle then flew towards us. "Uh oh!" I said. Their shuttle then crashed into ours.

I woke up, pieces and debris covered me, I was lying on my back and everything seemed orange. I pushed the pieces off and got on my four paws. I looked around. There was lots of metal pieces, fire, and smoke. I walked around. "Alice?!" I yelled, coughing several times due to the smoke. I kept walking around. "ALICE?!" I called again. I then heard a small cough. I stood still and listened carefully, I heard another cough. I approached the coughing and soon saw Alice under lots of rubble. "Alice!" I gasped, relieved to see her alive. "Dad? you're okay?" Alice asked. "Fine, dear, are you okay?" I asked, getting some of the rubble off of her. "I'm good." She replied. I got all of the debris off of her and laid down in front of her. I then put my paw on her cheek. "I'm so glad you're fine, sweety." I said. She smiled. "I'm glad to see you too, dad." She said. We stayed still for several seconds then got up. "Come on, lets go find the others." I said. Alice was about to get up but I heard her grunt. I looked back at her, seeing her crouching down on one leg. "You alright?" I asked. "No, my leg hurts." Alice replied. I twitched my mouth. "Let me see it." I said. She stuck out her leg. I examined it to see a burn mark on her knee cap. "Right there is your problem." I said, pointing at the burn. "How will I walk then?" Alice asked. I chuckled. "I could always carry you on my back, I'm strong enough to carry your weight. She laughed. "Justin-san?!" I heard someone call. I glanced over my shoulder to see Zall approaching. "You two okay?" Zall asked. "I'm fine, but Alice cannot walk, she has a burn mark on her leg." I replied. Zallnodded. "Shall I carry her?" Zall asked. I glanced at Alice, waiting for her answer. "Sure." Alice replied. Zall slipped his hands under Alice's stomach and picked her up. "Make sure she breathes, lets move." I said. Zall followed me while carrying Alice.

As we wandered around. We saw many blood. But everything was still orange for some reason. "Are you seeing orange, Zall?" I asked. "Yes, I think it is air pollution or something." Zall replied. "There you are." Someone said. I saw a shadow coming from smoke. Zall put down Alice and drew out his katana. "Calm down, I'm no enemy." He said, he then revealed himself. It was Fear. Mik'kill and Necro following him. "So, we're all here." I said. "Yes, but where is Miles?" Mik'kill asked. I then heard straining within the distance. "Listen." I said. Everyone was silent and I could tell they all heard it too. We all tried to follow the noise. 

Once we all found Miles. Her hind leg was stuck in rubble. But it must have been crushed like a a leaf between two boulders because the rubble was closed in on her leg. We all approached Miles. Mik'kill laughed, going ahead of all of us. "Well, well, well." Mik'kill said, approaching her. She growled and hissed but Mik'kill crouched down to face level. "Look at you, helpless, pathetic, weakling!" Mik'kill said. He shook his head several times left to right then got up. Mik'kill then lifted the rubble that trapped Miles' leg but she laid down. "I will kill you, Mik'kill." Miles threatened. Mik'kill laughed. "Good luck." He said. Mik'kill grabbed one of her front legs and punched the knee cap. Miles screamed and all of us had disgusted looks. I covered Alice's eyes. Miles' knee was bent frontwards after that, devil cat front legs always have knees that bend backwards from a human's point of view. But her leg was just a gruesome sight. "Miles, you always said you wanted revenge, getting your fang back and all." Mik'kill approached Alice and reached his hand out at her. "What are you doing?" I asked. He then grabbed her devil cat fang necklace and snapped it off. "Giving her fang back." Mik'kill replied. "Mik'kill! no!" Alice cried. Mik'kill huffed and grabbed Miles' neck and pinned it to a wall of rubble, he also held the fang in his other hand and pointed it to her as if about to stab her. "Mik'kill..." Alice said. Mik'kill looked back at Alice. "What?" He asked. "Enough people died, Mik'kill." Alice said. Mik'kill raised an eyebrow. "So?" "SO, what do you think it's like dying?" "Dying is weakness, they chose it, not me." "But look at her." Mik'kill looked into Miles' eyes. She was scared, very scared. You could tell. "Mik'kill, don't kill her." Alice said. Mik'kill then released Miles and slithered over to us. "Have the necklace back." Mik'kill said. "No." Miles said, attempting to get up but grunted. "Let Justin kill me, as his mate did to my sister..."

Chapter 48

The demon within

"Zoey killed your sister?" I asked. "Yes, I wished to sell your daughter to Pheonix... so that... I could save her." Miles said. Miles strained to get up but she gave up and laid down on her back. Mik'kill spat at her. "Pathetic." Mik'kill said. Miles growled at him. "Justin, if you're not going to kill me, then I will." Miles said. "You're not going anywhere." I said. Miles growled and strained to get up once more but couldn't. "Justin, I will hunt you down, and I will deliver you to Pheonix next time." Miles swore. I shook my head. "Lets go." I said. Miles screamed and got up! she then swiped her sharp claws at me. I dodged and got into a battle stance. Zall laid Alice on the ground and drew out his katana. Mik'kill charged into Miles and swung his axe down on her head. The axe gripped onto her skull and Mik'kill lifted her into the air, then slammed her down on the ground. Blood poured out of her head. Mik'kill pulled his axe out but Miles still got up. Blood pouring down from her brain! "What the?" I asked. Necro then summoned multiple skeletal warriors and all attacked Miles. But Miles jumped onto one and grabbed it's skull, she then swung it around, knocking down all skeletal snakes and tossed the warrior at Necro. Necro got hit and got out-cold by it. Zall charged at Miles, battle crying. Zall swung his katana down on Miles but Miles dodged and grabbed Zall's katana with her mouth. Miles then slipped it out of his grip and snapped it in half! Zall gasped. Miles then smiled at Zall, and slowly approached him. "What is a samurai without his katana?" Miles asked. Zall then swung a punch at Miles. Miles dodged and grabbed his fist, then threw him over at Necro. Luckily, Zall missed but hit his back against a shuttle part instead. Mik'kill charged into Miles with his shield. Miles stuck out her paw and when the shield hit her paw, Miles strained to push it forward. Mik'kill strained too. Mik'kill then swung his axe at Miles but Miles dodged and jumped onto Mik'kill's back and bit his neck. Mik'kill screamed and fell to the floor. Wings came out of Fear, me and Alice looked away. Once we looked back. Miles was not petrified! "What?! what are you?!" Fear asked. Miles laughed. "Pheonix has granted me power!" Miles said, her voice echoing with multiple voices! Miles then grabbed Fear's staff and tossed him aside. Miles approached me and I slowly backed away. "I will kill you for all you have done." Miles said. I lured her away from Alice but I was cornered from rubble. She slowly approached me, blood pouring from her head. "Stop!" Alice yelled. Miles glanced back at Alice. "Hello, little kitty, I have to deal with this peasant first, so if you don't mind." Miles said. Miles continued approaching me but I saw Alice run towards Miles. Miles swung her claws at Alice but Alice dodged and inserted Miles' fang into her chest. Miles stopped breathing for several seconds and remained still. The fang sticking into her chest. Miles' lips trembled and she then fell to her side. Alice looked at me with pride. I laid a paw on her cheek and smiled back. "Your leg okay, now?" I asked. "Still hurts, but at least I saved you." Alice replied.

Everyone got up fine, even though Zall lost his katana. "We can forge a new one." I replied. "No, it has to be this one." Zall said. Zall sighed and looked at the shattered shards of his katana. "I'll hold on to these for a while, but for now, we have to guide these two to a certain place." Fear said. I then thought of something. "We're going to return to Kenai." I replied. "Whos Kenai?" Necro asked. "Just a wolf shaman, old friend of ours." I said. "Okay." Necro said, shrugging. Fear snapped his fingers and Zall's katana vanished. "We can repair it while we're in Zetalo or something, but for now, we need to concentrate." Fear said. "Right." Zall said.

We all looked at Miles' corpse. "What made her so strong?" Alice asked. "It must have been some sort of Pheonix curse or something, but I'm sure Azbane never wanted this." Fear replied. I twitched my mouth. "Alright, lets go." I said.

Chapter 49:

The path of truths

I carried Alice on my back while I walked. Alice's leg was still burnt but she said it felt a little better, but she still couldn't walk and Zall's arm was injured. I kinda felt comfortable with her on my back, her stomach was real soft. "So, where are we going?" Zall asked. "Well.. lets just say we're going to visit some old friends." I replied.

We walked several miles until I stopped to rest. I dropped Alice lightly on one side and laid down. "Come on, weakling, we need to get moving." Mik'kill said. "I'm... hungry." I said, my stomach rumbling. Mik'kill scoffed. "I'm hungry too, but if you want to eat, you gotta move." Mik'kill said. I stood up. "Over there!" Zall said, pointing at a rabbit. Zall pulled out his bow but Mik'kill just threw his axe at the rabbit. The rabbit then died once the axe chopped him. "That will work." Zall said. Mik'kill went over to the rabbit and brought it back. "Now, lets cook it." Fear suggested. Mik'kill raised an eyebrow. "Whats the use of cooking if you can just eat it?" Mik'kill asked. "Cooking makes it tastier, also kills all the germs and parasites on that rabbit." Fear replied. Mik'kill rolled his eyes. "Fine." Mik'kill said.

After Fear started a fire, we then cooked three rabbits. We all sat there as we waited for the rabbits to finish. "So, Zall, how did you end up on that ship again?" I asked. Zall shook his head. "Remember what I said on the ship? I lived in a small village, in Japan, my parents used to love me, love me so, have fun with me. Until something happened... they just treated me like a ghost, like a mere bug. Because of their love into new technology, I then hated them-" Zall hesitated before continuing. "I then... I ran away, seeking my destiny... I then found Medusa. I think you can guess the rest." Zall said. I nodded. "Mik'kill, how did you end up on that ship?" I asked. "Well..." Mik'kill cleared his throat several times, pounding his chest while doing so. "I was raised as a mere human... baby, my parents loved me so... pathetic weaklings... but then, I started going to some building the humans call a 'sool' or something." "It's called a school you nitwit." Fear corrected. "Right, right, a 'school', and there, they were not teaching what I wanted: power, strength. So I then got angry, ran away, and found Medusa. And Medusa then sold me to Pheonix, there, I was so into the strength I was granted." Mik'kill said. "And?" I asked. "Well, Medusa then took me away from Pheonix and told me to help her maintain a prison for humans... sweet, sweet, revenge." Mik'kill said. "Alright, and you, Fear?" I asked. "Well, I was adopted, as a human child. I always believed in magic, my parents managed to brainwash me that magic was real, of course, they lied. So, I refused to believe them but they told me that truth, so I just took a walk, and found Medusa..." Fear then popped a rabbit off the roasting stick and tore half of it, then gave it to Zall and Mik'kill. "Medusa promised me that she can teach my real magic as long as I remain loyal... and I did, I was then sold to Zealot, and was taught fear magic, thats why my name is 'Fear'." Fear explained. "Okay, and you, Necro?" I asked. "Well, I'm not entirely sure, I just woke in the demon lands, told to serve Pheonix, and Pheonix just sold me to Medusa... just like that, but I managed to grow my magic abilities to raise the dead as my servants." Necro explained. "Alright." I said. Zall then gave Necro and Fear a piece of rabbit and Mik'kill tossed half of a rabbit to me and Alice. I ate my half an Alice ate the other. "What about you two?" Necro asked. "Well... I'm afraid I can't I can explain it." I said. "Alright." Necro said, shrugging. 

Once we reached a dirt road with mountains inbetween. A strange mist surrounded us. Mik'kill was about to proceed through it until Zall laid his hand on his shoulder. "Stop, we cannot pass this point." Zall said. "Why not?" Alice asked, on her four paws this time. "The wolf tribe is ahead, they will think we're hostile." Zall replied. "But we're right next to you." I said. "True that, but they don't even know who you are, they might think you're devil cat spies or something." Zall said. Zall shook his head. "I also have to return to Zetalo, report to Medusa, and lie to her about this whole incident." Zall said. "Same here, I'm sick of the surface, gotta go back to the demon lands and get my muscles bigger." Mik'kill said. "Me and Necro will go back, too." Fear replied. "But, we're helpless without you." I said. Zall smiled and put his hand on my shoulder. "You two have formed a perfect team, with just the two of you, look back and see what just two of you did, together." Zall said. He was right, me and Alice did cause a lot of trouble back at Miles' old base. "We couldn't defeat Miles, but you and your daughter did, you will make it, I assure you." Zall said. I smiled with confidence. Zall then went over to Mik'kill and the others. "Lets go, we done our part." Zall said. "Wait." Mik'kill said. Mik'kill approached me and Alice. "You two... the codex of Pheonix always said that love was weakness, that love lead to nothing but death... but you two, I'm not smart, but you made me learn something... maybe the codex of Pheonix is false, just one big lie." Mik'kill shook his head. "You two have one heck of a story to tell." I nodded. "Thanks, Mik'kill." I said. Fear waved at us. "Good luck!" Necro said. And all four of them vanished into the mist...

Chapter 50:

The confession

Me and Alice decided to rest right there, we slept together, facing the mountain. "So... dad, why did you come to rescue me?" Alice asked. I chuckled, patting her head with my paw. "You're my daughter, little Alice, you're my prized treasure and I think you know that." I replied. She smiled and rested her head underneath my chin. "So, we're going to see my mom?" Alice asked. "Yep, after two years." I replied. We remained silent for a while, it was night and the grass brushed against us. "So, dad, what happened between you and mom anyway? you know, why did mom run away?" Alice asked. I sighed. "Well, Alice, I can't lie to you... you see, your mother and I were friends ever since we were pups. When we grew up, we mated each other and we got a healthy litter of pups-" "I have brothers and sisters?" Alice asked. "Yep, three brothers, one sister." I replied. Alice hummed with interest. "Continue, please." "Right... anyway, we got pups... but you were the only one that had my genes. The rest took off your mother." I explained. "And I'm glad I did." Alice said. I chuckled. "Anyway, me and your mother had an argument and then... she just left." I said. "Wait, are you saying she... died?" Alice asked. "No, she is still alive." I replied, chuckling. Alice sighed with relief. "For a minute, I thought we were just going to visit her grave or something." Alice said. I laughed and kissed her cheek with my nose. She blushed after that. "Good night, darling." I said. "Wait, what what were you and mom arguing about?" Alice asked. I swallowed. "Well, Alice... you." I replied. "What?!" Alice asked. "Yeah... your mother thought you were too dependent on me, you were only a week old, so I don't even know what she was thinking." I replied. "B-b-b, thats just stupid!" Alice hissed. "Calm yourself, Alice, she maybe left you, but I haven't." I said, kissing her cheek again. She smiled. "Thank you, dad." Alice thanked. I smiled and rested my head next to her cheek. "Love you, darling." I said. "Love you too, Alice replied. And we both slept like this.

Chapter 51:

The rescue

I woke up, Alice was still sleeping but I got up and stretched. I then looked around. The hills that formed a path straight ahead to Zoey's village. I smiled at the thought of seeing her face again. "You okay, dad?" Alice asked. "Just fine, darling." I replied. Alice approached me and rested her head on my shoulder. "Shall we proceed?" Alice asked. "Well, lets go, I bet you're eager to see mom." I said. "I am, even though she left us for a stupid reason." Alice replied. I shook my head. "I know, darling." I said, agreeing with her. We both walked down the path in silence. "I think I see it!" I cried. I saw several buildings. We both ran over to the village.

Once we reached the village, we walked  through a small gate. Once we got in, the gates closed! "What the?" I asked. I tried to open the gate but it wouldn't open! "Dad, wheres all the wolves?" Alice asked. I looked around. There was a strange mist but I couldn't see any wolves." I don't know darling, but I think we fell into a trap." I said. I then saw a shadow in the mist. Just on the other side of us. "Do you see that, dad?" Alice asked. "That shadow? yeah, I see it." I replied. It approached us and shown it's face. It was a devil cat, but more then that, it was Roger! "You killed my mother." Roger said, his eyes ignited with blue fire.

"Yeah...we did, but she got what she deserved." I said. Roger growled. "She didn't deserve death! she wanted justice! your mate killed my aunt and my father!" Roger yelled. "Your father?" I asked. "Yes! my father! she burnt him alive, I saw him scream and beg to be extinguished, but no, your mate just wished my father to go to the demon lands! and now..." Roger grabbed something with his paw and stuck out a round orb... it looked like an eye of Pheonix. "...Now, I'll burn her mate and daughter." Roger said. Me and Alice got in battle stances.

Roger's eye of Pheonix fired a fire ball at us but we dodged. I leaped at Roger but he faced the orb towards me and I stopped while in mid-air! Roger then made me slam against the ground and my heart beated fast. Roger laughed. "Dad! get up!" Alice yelled, running over to me and nudging me with her nose. "No, Alice, run." I said, weak. Alice then got lifted and flew towards a wall, back first. I gasped as she fell, her eyes closed. I got up, angry. Roger shook his head and lifted me again. "Now for the moment you were waiting for... burn." Roger said. I flew towards the same building Alice crashed in, my back slammed and everything turned red. Roger laughed, his laugh was muffled though. I looked up, struggling to at least glance at the eye of Pheonix wielding maniac. He held up the eye of Pheonix. "Look at me, face the eyes of my mother as you die, wolf savage." Roger said. He then screamed and dropped to the ground. A shadowy figure that formed a four-legged animal was on his back with claws sinking into his spine. He dropped the eye of Pheonix. And everything grew dark...

Chapter 52:

 Gustav saves the day

I woke up, I was lying on my back. Facing a hay roof. "Dad?" Alice asked, she was laying on my stomach, her head appeared from the bottom of my vision. "Dad!" Alice cried, she then threw her head next to my right cheek and rested it on my cheek. "You're okay." Alice said, I could feel a tear drop from her eye. "I'm glad you're okay too, sweety." I said, hugging her. After a few seconds of remaining still and silent, Alice got off of me and nudged my body. "Better get up, dad, we got rescued by panthers and Kenai, there was also some fox named 'Gustav' that said he knew you." Alice explained. "Panthers?" I asked. "Yeah, one of their names were 'Kya'." Alice said. "Kya? Gustav said she was his friend." I said. "Who is Gustav? is it that fox that was in the wolf camp?" Alice asked. "Yes, when I was rescuing you, we met." I replied. "That explains." Alice said. She nudged me some more. "Lets go,  dad!" Alice rushed. "No, Alice, I think I'll take a little nap." I said. "What? you just slept! come on, dad!" Alice said. I chuckled. "Later, Alice, I need to rest. Go ahead and play, just don't go too far, okay?" I said. Alice remained silent for a while but soon smiled. "Okay, dad." She said. She kissed my cheek. "Sweet dreams, dad." Alice wished. "Have fun, darling." I wished back, hugging her head closed to mine. She then walked outside and I took a small nap.

I woke up, it was luckily still daytime. I got up and stretched. I gotta find Alice. I immediately thought to myself.  I took a deep breath and walked outside to the new world.

Chapter 53

Story time

The village was beautiful. Young panthers the size of my legs were running around, chasing each other. Their buildings were made of hay and they looked like those human-made "teepees" I went over to an adult panther. "Excuse me, did you see a little wolf girl around here?" I asked. "Oh that sweet little lady? yeah, last time I saw her, she was with the storyteller." He replied. "Alright, thanks." I thanked. Whos the storyteller? I walked around a bit more, look for the storyteller. 

As I walked around a bit more, I then saw an old panther with other panthers huddled around him or her. I then saw Alice, facing the old panther with her back turned from me. I approached her. I then sat beside her and looked down at her. She looked at me, smiled, and looked back at the old panther. I could instantly realize that the old panther was then female but I listened to what she was saying. "As the queen of shadows, Panzora, made a brave and daring attempt to save her fellow brothers and sisters from the tyranny of commander Patch, the ruthless commander of the Medusa empire." The storyteller explained. I smiled, I already knew this story. "You know this story, dad?" Alice whispered. "Yes, I do, sweety." I replied. She smiled but the storyteller continued. "She gathered up the last remaining panther slaves, but then, she was caught! by the notorious Medusa herself!" Every panther gasped, I didn't notice there was little panther children around. "Panzora and her brothers and sisters then fought! thunder crashing and blood raining! Medusa was about to petrify them until all of the panthers killed the last remaining snakes and escaped. Medusa was furious and whipped that no good tyrant, Patch!" The storyteller. Everyone started laughing, even Alice laughed. I smiled with pride at my little daughter. "The panthers returned home, free from the green-scaled snake." The storyteller said. Everyone applauded the storyteller and left. Me and Alice stood up and walked away. "You two!" The storyteller called. We both stopped and glanced at the storyteller. "I can tell from both of your hearts that you two have the best story to tell around here." The storyteller said. "How do you know?" I asked. "I can saw it all in both of your eyes, you two have an unbreakable bond to each other, that it created a very good story." The storyteller said. I smiled. "Yes, it is a rather long and interesting story." Alice replied. "Kya is around here, your story is almost at an end." The storyteller said, facing me. The storyteller then glanced down at Kya. "But yours is just beginning." The storyteller said. Alice smiled. "Thank you, storyteller." Alice thanked. The storyteller nodded. "Good luck to you both." The storyteller said. What did she mean mine was coming to an end? I asked myself. We both headed over to Kya.

We approached a panther. "Excuse me?" I asked. She glanced at us. "Do you know where Kya is?" I asked. "Yeah, shes over ther- wait, I know you." The panther said. "You do?" I asked. "Yeah, my name is Jin, I saw you standing right next to my friend "Jenna" on that one prison ship." Jin said. "Yeah, you're that panther! I heard you talking to her." I said. Jin chuckled. "So you survived, glad to know there are others surviving." Jin said. I nodded." Same to you, how was that prison ship?" I asked. "Three days of labor, nothing I can't handle, I heard about rumors of two wolves destroying a prison ship and killing it's warden, was that you two?" Jin asked. "Yes, we killed warden Miles." I said. "Well done, but my friend, Jenna, killed warden Decay as well... things are looking bright, the devil cats are kinda losing." Jin said. "Indeed, but the snakes kinda won, since they captured every human on Earth." I replied. Jin shook her head. "I assure you, we will win against the Medusa empire, we will bring justice to Pheonix and Medusa." Jin said. "Indeed." I said. We all remained silent. "Well, nice talking to you, Jin." I said. "You too, bye." Jin said. Alice smiled and nodded. "She was friendly." Alice whispered. "I agree." I said.

Chapter 54


We found Kya, talking to Gustav. "Ah, these are Justin-San and Alice-San, yes?" Kya asked. "Oui." Gustav replied. Kya bowed before us and stood up. "Greetings, Justin and Alice-San. My name is Kya, Kenai is already away, rebuilding her village." Kya said. "So we can't say goodbye to Kenai?" I asked. "No, but she did say goodbye to you." Kya replied. I smiled. "So... where is Zoey's village?" I asked. "It is a short distance away from here." Kya pointed over yonder. Me and Alice walked closer to Kya and stared at where she was pointing. There were lots of houses. "There, your journeys shall end, Justin-San, your quest is complete, you may rest... Alice-San, you are merely just starting." Kya said. Alice smiled. "Thank you both, how can we repay you?" Alice asked. "It is a most highest honor to help you both, now, go! to your destinies." Kya said. We both walked onward, to Zoey's village.

Chapter 55


As we approached the village. Wolves with armor surrounded me and Alice. All of them growling. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Who are you?! what are you doing here?!" A wolf asked. "We're just here seeking safety!" I replied. Some wolves stood up and stopped growling. "Lies! how do you know these aren't devil cat spies? see her necklace? that fang may be a sign!" A wolf yelled. All of them were about to attack until a voice yelled "STOP!" All wolves stood up as a beautiful wolf with orange fur and green eyes approached. "A devil cat fang as a  necklace?" She asked. "Yes, ma'am! she has it, Zoey!" A wolf replied. "Zoey?" I asked. Zoey approached me and Alice, our eyes locked. "Justin?" Zoey asked. All of the wolves started talking. Zoey then smiled. "So, you did survive, thank Nepmoon." Zoey said. She then leaped  at me and rested her head on my cheek. "I'm not done with you, yet, you little devil." Zoey said. "mom." Alice said. Zoey glanced at Alice and kissed her cheek. "I'm so sorry for abandoning you too, little girl." Zoey said. Alice smiled and she rested her cheek on Zoey's cheek.

As we went inside Zoey's home, she was apparently a clan leader. "I did not leave because I thought Alice was not giving me enough love, or she was dependent or any of that! it was all just a lie, an excuse." Zoey explained. "Then why did you leave us?" I asked. "I meant to leave you, Justin, you see... I killed Miles' sister, Alexandra, and I didn't realize that Miles was her sister, luckily, Miles didn't seem to notice. But I feared that when she discovered I killed her sister, she would kill me." Zoey hesitated. "Miles is dead now, and you both survived. I failed to take account of all of your brothers and sisters until the last second, Alice." Zoey explained. "Really?" Alice asked. Zoey nodded. "So, Miles was a demon, right?" Zoey asked. I nodded. "Strange... this happened with Alexandra when I fought her... I had to use her own fang to kill her." Zoey said. "Like a demon." I said. Zoey looked up. "You did well, defending Alice, just like a guardian." Zoey said. I sighed happily and looked at Alice. "Well, off to bed you two, you had a long day." Zoey said, standing up. "Where can we sleep?" I asked. "I have a guest room, go sleep in there, it's comfortable." Zoey said. 

As me and Alice slept. I petted my little daughter's head. "Good night, dad." Alice wished. "Good night, sweet." I wished. "We have a long day, tomorrow." I said. "Yeah, and with any hope, my dad will be there for me." Alice said, cuddling into me. I smiled and kissed Alice's cheek. "I will always be here for you, Alice." I said. "Yeah, because you're my guardian."

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The end