This book was inspired by many pieces of art. And I have to thank mny, many things. 

First thing is wolves of the beyond. As you know, in the legend of Crypto sequel. I put a reference on it refering to wolves of the beyond. The guard said he was on book 3. I was actually on book 4 at the time. And I kinda regret reading that series so fast.

Wolves of the beyond was the most greatest fantasy books I ever read in a long time. I finished the series about a month ago. But I actually read the second book (without reading the first) back when I was a 6th grader! thats WAY BACK when I met Phrazer!

Secondly is Bioshock. I never finished (watching) the game. But honestly, it's a complicated plot. Bioshock did a little bit to inspire me in making this book, still, it's good.

For this book, I wanted to do cute, realistic, scenes. I want the reader to really feel Alice brushing against the reader's cheek, her kissing the reader, or the reader in pain. But at the same time, make it fantasy, but almost real.

I wanted a little "opposite" family kind of thing. If you didn't finish the book, 


You see, I wanted Justin and Alice to be father and daughter, right?

And I wanted Miles and Roger to be mother and son, get it?

Justin was named after a friend of mine. He was Vietnamese and was a friend of my best friend, Sam...

...I really miss them...

anyhow, Alice, randomly came to my mind. And in 7th grade, pre-algabra class. I randomly came up with the word "Justice" and I said to myself "Thats it!"

Also, I did ask Kodimarto (my friend on deviantart) if I could use his name. And he said I can. Basicailly, Kodi in this book, is only meant to be a reference.

In the tale of Jenna, there is one time that a wolf with blue eyes and a light gray pelt yelled out "we don't have hands!" this was meant to be a Balto 2 reference, because that was Aleu. But I then thought "I don't think anyone gets it' so I changed it to be ALICE during chapters 28-30.


-Justin was going to have a mechanical leg with a crossbow, and Zoey was going to leave him because of his leg.

(Deleted because: it would be to ridiculous if someone would leave you just because of a leg. But we also felt that the leg would not allow us to alter the story if needed too.)

-Zoey was going to be the antagonist, not Miles.

(We felt that Zoey should be the antagonist, instead of Miles. However, we asked ourselves "we should Zoey be the antagonist?" So, we made Miles the antagonist instead. HOWEVER! there is still that opening sentence in the introduction "She would be kidnapped by some beast!" we felt the need to leave that in place because we want readers to be suspicious.)

-Trader Tod was going to be in this book.

(Tod was going to give Justin a disguise to inflitrate Mile's castle. But we felt we're giving Tod a little too much respect. This was quickly deleted.)

-Mik'kill was going to suicide

(Mik'kill was going to be defeated and, according a rule in the codex of Pheonix, he had shown great weakness, so he was about to grab a knife and suicide.

-Zall was going to grab a Clockwork gun to kill Mik'kill

(Mik'kill charged into Zall and knocked his breath out, and when Mik'kill was going to kill Alice or Justin, Zall was going to shoot Mik'kill in the chest with a clockwork gun.)