Q:Whats your next book gonna be?

A:I'm not sure, it can be anything.

Q:Who is Necro based off of?

A:Necro is based off of Spark's favorite character in DOTA 2, which is phantom lancer. Phantom lancer was a swarm-based unit and I said to myself "Hey! how about I add someone who could rise the dead?!"

Q:Whats so addicting with stick empires?

A:Stick empires is a pretty fun game. And I don't play it just for fun, I play it for you guys and girls.

Q: Do you have a girlfriend? :3

A: I'm afraid not, but for some reason, several girls find me attractive, which is the most weirdest thing I ever seen.

Q: What do like about stick empires?

A: I love the many stradegies you can make during the game. I also LOVE spartans, and Medusa. It's also part of my childhood, way back, even when Balro's quests was not even planned. I used to play stick wars I. And it was just the most unqiue game I ever played.

Q: Why is the title called "Guardian"?

A: I wanted a title unlike the rest of the books. In the gallery, Balro's quests was the only book without "the" in the title.

Q: Who is Mik'kill based off of?

A: Mik'kill is based off of no one, BUT he was inspired by the juggerknight in stick empires. You see, Mik'kill is meant to be very strong, very proud, but very dumb. His axe moves comes from the juggerknight. 

Q: Do you plan on Alpha empire being a clan?

A: Yes, even though the chances of that happening, are slim.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: Balto. But if you exclude Balto, it's really hard. Because there are many great movies like Shrek, Lady and the Tramp, etc.

Q: Why do you still watch classic cartoons?

A: I LOVE classic cartoons, they just have many great stories, unlike today, we have movies like in which physics don't make sense, and other stuff.

Q: Whats your favorite country of origin?

A: German

Q: Whats your favorite movie production company?

A: I'd have to say Pixar, Pixar does the most amazing stuff and all of them contain good stories, good action, and none of them modern movie stuff. We can take an example from: Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Brave. Of course, there are other great movie production companies that I'd like to share my thoughts with.

Q: Do you watch anime?

A: Sometimes, I watch anime like: The last airbender, princess Mononoke, sky castle, Howl's moving castle, spirited away, borrowers, etc.

Q: Do you play Minecraft?

A: Sometimes, I can't play multiplayer for some strange reason, but I do love playing single player.

Q: Is this meant to be a tale of Jenna reference?

A: Kinda, it takes place at the same time the tale of Jenna took place. And the same setting as well.

Q: Why did you name Alice "Alice"?

A: Because, the name came to my head, you see, it was first name I thought of, and I then thought of a name for her father. I then thought about my Vietnamese friend, Justin. I then thought about the word "justice" and Justin and Alice combined forms "justice". You'll have to read making of the book for more detail.

Q: Who is your favorite character in this book?

A: I'd say, Mik'kill. Because he is stupid.

Q: What do you plan on doing next?

A: Like I said in the past, don't know. Probably an Alpha Howl update, or a new book like vengeance never dies. Who knows?

Q: Can I donate anywhere?

A: I'm afraid not, we are planning on adding a donation box. That is if I get a bank account, but I'm WAY too far from doing that. Anyhow, I appreciate the fact you want to donate, but you'll have to hold on to your money for your own doing for now.

Q: Why did you release this in beta?

A: I was thirsty for views. You see, money is not what powers me to do this. It's kinda the amount of views your guys and girls muster for me.

Q: Do you have a sister?

A: No, I only have one brother. Whom is Spark.

Q: What do you think of Scottish people?

A: They're a nice origin. Especially their history, but I'm afraid they don't beat Germany.

Q: Whats the difference between a snake and a gorgon?

A: I don't think there is any difference.

Q: What is this book inspired by?

A: Many things, mainly wolves of the beyond.

Q: Why is Jenna in this book?

A: Because it's a reference.

Q: What do you think of Pixar?

A: Awesome, you can't expect anything bad from them.

Q: Zanzos, question about Jin from the tale of Jenna... what happened to her?

A: She is in the village at the near ending.

Q: What took so long to make this?

A: School, games, library, you name it.

Q: Is this your favorite book?

A: I love all of my books, I still love dawn of the bounty hunter the most.

Q: Do you fight for jingoism?

A: The snakes, yes.

Q: Snakes think they can save humanity by destroying it? how?

A: You see, humans at this time were all lazy, playing video games and not progressing the future. Also polluting the world and every single child having to be idiotic. It was basically seen as capitalism. So, the snakes wanted to save the world by removing all factories, educating people, and getting people on track to progress the future without having to harm Earth.

Q: Is the great invasion based off Amnesia, a machine for pigs?

A: No, I saw that game. (I watch a gamer named Markiplier) As far as I know, a machine for pigs is very similar to the great invasion, just with pigs. But the Alpha Howl library released in 2012 with the great invasion. A machine for pigs was published in 2013. Of course, the first game of Amnesia was made in 2010, which is a year behind Balro's quests. But the dark decent has little relationship with a machine for pigs in story.

Q: What do you think of Amnesia, the dark decent?

A: I saw it in 2010, one of the first games to ever get me so scared, that I would conceal my whole body with the blanket. It was that scary. Of course, now, it doesn't scare me.

Q: Aren't you too young for stick empires and Amnesia, and all of that?

A: Er... yeah, but I'm afraid my mind has been corrupted with the taint of these violent games.

Q: Do you like wolves of the beyond

A: Yes, I really enjoyed it! it was a very good story, even though, I sometimes had to backtrack just to get the whole story. But it was very good, I wish I didn't read it so fast.